420Bang.me Review: Marijuana Hookup Dating

If you want a site that combines getting high with hooking up, you should definitely check out 420bang.me. The marijuana smoking theme guarantees that the women you find on here will smoke pot with you and hopefully bang you. It definitely worked for me. Smoking pot often makes female stoners horny, so you might be more likely to get laid here than most other hook up sites.

420Bang.me Homepage

My 420Bang.me Hookup Site Review

I must admit that I have a love for smoking marijuana and, like most guys, I have a love for banging hot girls. I looked at the picture of the model on the main page and thought I could never get a girl that hot, but I went ahead and gave it a try.

I figured that, if I couldn’t find a really hot girl, I would at least find a decent girl to smoke pot with and fool around. What I got was a pleasant surprise. The girls I found who were willing to get together and toke were much hotter than I expected. You have something in common right away so it’s much easier to talk to girls who you would normally think were out of your league.

It’s not free to sign up but you can try it for a little as $1 for 2 days. Normally, I wouldn’t try a site like this unless I could sign up for free, but the trial was super cheap and the site comes with a guarantee that they don’t have any fake profiles…If I were to give a word of advice, I would say to have some good music ready when you hook up with a girl. You come off better on Video Chat and it’s a good aphrodisiac when you meet up. I hooked up with some stoner hotties and I’m not even that good looking.

Searching On 420Bang

There are quite a few ways that you can narrow your search at 420bang.me. You can even narrow your search down to only the girls who want to meet in person. I kept my search pretty general at first to get a feel for how many girls are on the site.

I was able to narrow it down quite a bit to just the right girls and there was still plenty to choose from. The main search filters go by sexual orientation, gender, ages, location, appearance, compatibility, profession or income, and what type of experience you are looking for.

Messaging Girls Who Are 420 Friendly

I love the messaging function on 420Bang.Me. You can easily see who is interested in you when they pop up on your screen. I know, it sounds pretty plain jane but it’s not. This site has a great internal messaging component. I connected with a lot of girls that like to smoke weed.

Phone Convos

Most of the interactions I had were confined to messaging, but the best ones graduated to phone conversations fairly quickly. Things tend to escalate a little faster when you can get them on the phone and chat while you both smoke. The phone conversations I had ended in a meet-up and I found it very easy to seal the deal once I got them on the phone.

First Meetups

The first time I met with a girl, I thought I had struck gold. She was hot, loved to smoke and we liked the same music. Little did I know that there would be more after her that were just as hot. After about 5 phone conversations, I met with the first girl at a local shopping center and walked around while we got to know each other.

I suggested going to my car to smoke and she was down. We smoked and listened to music and she suggested that we go to my place to watch a movie. We smoked some more and got about halfway through the movie before we were all over each other. What an amazing night!

Other Girls On-Site

In total, I video chatted with about 5 girls. 3 of them I ended up meeting up with. 2 of those girls I had sex with and I made out with the other one. I’m actually supposed to meet up with that one again this weekend and she’s acting really flirty, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to score.

The Pros

I definitely dig the site’s dedication to be spam-free. So many of these types of sites have more spam profiles than they do real women, but not this one. The pot theme is amazing as I mentioned. I was also impressed with the caliber of girls.


I wish I could have done more without paying, but hey… For only a $1 you can’t really go wrong. You can’t even buy weed for that price, literally!

Final Thoughts

420bang.me is a great adult hookup site whether you are a pot smoker or not, but I found much more success here being a weed lover versus other hook up sites I’ve tried. It’s not the only one I use but it’s a great site and I certainly suggest that you try it out! Oh, and I noticed many CBD fans use this site as well. If you’re into that type of stuff, give it a shot.