Looking to change careers and help consumers have better experiences in online dating? Fantastic, then you’ve found the right company!

Join Our Team

There are plenty of opportunities for those looking to join our growing team of industry experts.

We’re looking to fill the following positions:

Admin Assistant –¬†Handle ad hoc tasks here within the office for our executive team.

App/Site Reviewer – Research, test, and review dating apps as well as sites as they come into queue.

Content Creator – Create articles that cover various topics such as but not limited to dating, hooking up, relationships, technology and more.

WordPress Developer – Create thousands of lines of beautiful code for us.

Graphic Designer – Lead the GUI and image/video directives for all updates.

Some perks that we offer our full-time employees working locally in-office.

Wellness Reimbursement

Paid 1-hr Lunch

9/80 Work Schedule

Pets (Fully Vaccinated w/ Paperwork) Welcome

If you’re interested in obtaining more information about the employment opportunities available, then please contact us.

Important: Please do not send your resume as an attachment in the initial email.