Our Rating Criteria

We’re very strict with our rating and have created this rating criteria guideline to give you a better indication of how we rate each of these sites, why we rate them as we do and why it’s important that you understand how it works.

Our Criteria & Rating System

Each of these things listed below are equally important to the next. However, nothing is truly more important than being able to successfully hook up with someone.

No, that’s not in reference to virtually hooking up but physically meeting someone and connecting with them on an intimate level. The rating method and criteria is always subject to change, but this is what’s currently being most considered with regards to the valuation process.

Oh, and don’t think that this is some stuffy paid or sponsored top list. Each site reviewed is ranked and rated, regardless of how good or bad it is.

One swipe, everyone knows the rules!

The Criteria

Here are the details that you’re likely most interested in knowing…


What exactly falls under this category? Well, it’s the overall friendliness and ease of use. Think of things like flawless design, technology, user experience and graphical user interface. These are all things that make an app work better (or worse in some cases) so we take them all into consideration.

Does it work on a desktop as well as a mobile phone?

Does it constantly crash or is it smooth like butter?

If using it is easy and people can make progress dating then it’s taken into consideration.


Every single dating app out there has features. Some have more, some have less. However, they’ve typically all got some.

We take a close look at those features and whether or not they add value to the dating network. I’m not going to list out every feature that we look for, but what I can tell you is that we look for a lot of them and generally speaking, the more the merrier. In other words, options are nice and welcomed.

Member Quality

This is a big one as the quality of members within a dating network can make or break your experience. After spending hundreds if not close to thousands of hours deep in apps it should come as no surprise that we’ve seen and heard it all.

The one thing that really helps boost ratings here at AdultDatingApps.com is not incorporating fake profiles. Member quality cannot be superb with fake profiles, it’s that simple. We need not only take a close look at the members areas but also a look at the individual members and the interaction which they present to other users.

Support & Safety

Safety always comes first and online dating is no exception to the rule. We look for things like support links, customer service availability, assistance, tutorials, and the overall feeling of safety that we get when testing the apps.

If you cannot and do not feel safe then you’re not going to want to use any dating app. Poor customer support is one of the first things that people notice when using apps and dating sites, so we don’t take this lightly at all.

Cost To Join

There’s always a price to pay when using apps for dating. Sometimes they are non-monetary, but for the most part, the good apps offer premium memberships or upgrades. We take into consideration the hard costs associated with each and whether or not it’s worth the price.

Speaking of prices, they vary widely as there are lots of options for people out there depending on the dating network you choose. We break things down and make it easier for you to make better buying decisions when it comes to paying for premium dating services.

The Rating

We rate each of the websites and apps by scoring them on a scale of 1.0 – 5.0. These ratings are about as honest as they get and none of them are ever influenced. As for the scale, our rating of 5.0 is the highest rating.  One score, everyone knows the rules.