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The Terms of Service

Accessing or using the adultdatingapps.com site (from here on to be referred to as “site”), you’re agreeing to the terms listed below. The terms which have been described below are an agreement between each user/visitor and the applicable legal obligations of using the site.

Please be sure to read the terms and understand that using the site is acknowledgment that you agree to the terms set forth below. Under no circumstances is a user authorized to use the site without agreeing to the terms and conditions.

You do not have permission to reproduce, modify, distribute, or recreate any of the information published here on the site.

Website Use

This site and everything published e.g. all contents, has been published for both your personal use as well as non-commercial use only. All of the updates e.g. reviews, articles, material, and any other content that’s part of the this site is 100% protected under current copyright law. If you choose to use or steal any of the content in an unauthorized manner or without written permission there may be legal consequences that you will face.

Liability Limitation & Warranty Disclaimer

You are allowed to use this site at your own risk only, not at the risk of the owners of the site. While we do our very best to provide the most in-depth accurate and factual information, there is no guarantee that all content published on the site is 100% accurate, complete, or current. Please understand that there are also no express or implied warranties regard said site. The site operates simply “as is,” and no other way.

The site, owners, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, and third-party content creators cannot guarantee that the site will not have any errors or interruptions. This also applies to results that consumers/users may have should they decide to use the site and any of the third-party sites mentioned here on the site.

It’s you as the user’s responsibility with regards to any and all costs for damages while using the site, accessing content published on the site and you agree to not hold the company liable for any damages you may have, none, period.

Some of the damages mentioned but not limited to are financial damages, indirect damages, punitive damages, special damages, profit loss, loss of data, interruption of business, consequential damages, incidental damages, and more. Some laws may not allow the limitation or exclusion of incidental damages, therefore, these may or may not apply to you.

This website does not endorse any of the references which have been made on the site. Said references include apps, sites, products, networks, services, people, brand, companies, or anything that appears on the site or in links that you may find on the site.

Third-Party Site Links

The site contains links throughout which link to third-party websites. The links you find have been provided for your personal use and convenience. If you decide to click on the links or any links on the site, you’re doing so at your own risk and not the risk of the owners of the site.

The site, company, and owners are not responsible for the results of clicking on any links you may find. Please understand that you’re clicking at your own risk and whatever occurs when clicking the applicable links you will not hold the company responsible. Additionally, using the site, you understand that by clicking third-party links that you’ll be redirected to an external site.

It’s not implied that we endorse or represent any of the content, information, or offers presented by any third-party websites. If you click a third-party link, you will be leaving the site.

You agree that we may change the terms without giving any prior notice of doing so. Should you wish to stay up-to-date with regards to the changes within the terms, then you must visit this terms page daily.

Revisions of terms may be completed without any notice. You are legally bound by law to any of the changes made. Any part of these terms may be replaced should the site choose to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here.

This page was last updated on: 5/2/2019

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