About Our Company

Here’s everything you most likely want to know about our company why we’re doing this. 

One word…

Transparency, it’s what keeps us working 24/7 in this industry. 

Our Story

The story behind the Adult Dating Apps website is a long one. However, I’ll spare you the time and give you the cliff notes version.

The site was created by an individual who worked for a dating company for close to a decade. After becoming familiar with just about everything there is to know about this industry e.g. marketing, compliance, billing, finance, accounting, product development etc., the owner of the site decide that there wasn’t enough transparency within the industry.

He got together with a small group of individuals (who also worked within the industry) and after a long discussion, they decided that enough was enough – the world needed an honest review site.

Connection Mission

Our mission is the heartbeat of everything that we do here: To help people around the world find more compatible partners, relationships, and casual dates via technology platforms that actually work. If you want to learn more about our mission and how we operate, then I suggest you read our rules today.

100% Employee-Owned/Operated

We are a small team of individuals who are committed to publishing honest reviews for people to make better decisions online. Our company is 100% independently-owned and we’re not backed by any of the industry giants like many other review sites that exist today.

8,000+ People in 2019

We’ve helped more than 8,000 people make a decision to join a dating site in 2019 alone. Prior to that we’ve provided guidance for millions of our visitors.