Our Rules

We put a lot of time and effort in creating content that improves the life and well-being of consumers. That said, we’ve got rules and everything we publish on our website is done so to help as many people as possible. The content is free, for eternity. We create content in hopes that it helps people for many years to come.

Unlike most of the dating review sites out there, we’re very picky about things and yes – we have rules.

#1 We create content and write reviews for you, not the world wide web.

When creating content, we take a ton of pride in doing the research and writing the reviews that we publish. We share our findings in public posts and reviews to help the consumer.

Lots of companies today write for search engines and we’re not one of them. In fact, we pretty much only cover topics and reviews that are discussed at our round table meetings.

#2 Our opinion cannot be bought.

For the companies out there trying to “buy” placement in the top 10 list, it’s not going to happen.

The app rankings are not for sale. They’re accurately placed based on the reviews themselves, nothing more.

#3 We’re 100% independent and our reviewers are as well.

Some of the dating review sites out there have been created by companies that own their own dating networks and they use it to push people to their sites. Others may hire writers and reviewers who are employees of dating networks.

We do not do that and we refuse to work with content creators who are currently employed by the parent companies of dating networks. This isn’t our first rodeo, we can tell when something smells funny.

#4 You must keep an open mind.

If you’re reading my rules page, then hopefully you’ve got some sort of an interest in adult dating. If not, or if you’re not open to dating other adults casually, then please leave now. In that case, our website is not for you and you’re not welcome here.

#5 We keep it clean and expect you to do the same.

Many of the sites publishing content on adult dating topics take it to the extreme and hardcore to a certain extent. We believe in keeping things professional and distancing ourselves from vulgarity, explicit language, and potty mouth talk.

This site costs us a lot of time and money to operate and we intend on keeping it clean. Take your explicit language elsewhere. This applies whether you’re publishing content or commenting on articles/reviews that have been publishing on the site.

#6 As companies grow and evolve, so do our reviews.

We know and believe that as things progress and time passes, some reviews may need to be revised and/or updated.

We take a hands on approach to forever keeping reviews open for updating. If a network is stellar and begins to apply shoddy or unethical tactics, then our review may change.

#7 We give everyone a chance.

There’s no dating network that’s too little or too small to be reviewed. We believe in giving everyone a fair shot because that’s what we believe in and how we want to be treated.

#8 If it’s public information, we’ll share it with you.

Some review sites are afraid to say something or publish something about a company. Not us, we tell it like it is in the most professional manner possible. There’s no B.S. to consume here, just facts.

#9 Those giving tips and pointers are rewarded.

If you find out something about a website or app and you tell us, then we will reward you for that information providing that it’s not leaked and exclusive.

#10 We keep things objective here, always.

We believe in facts and that’s what we publish here on ADA. If you’re looking for reviews influenced by an individual’s feelings or opinions, then you’re on the wrong website. Keeping things objective gives every dating network a fair shot at ranking top 10.