AdultFriendFinder Review

Have you been searching the web for adults to hang out and hook up with? If so, I’m here today to give you the rundown on what I think about the AdultFriendFinder network. It’s one of the oldest and longest-standing casual dating networks on the planet. If you’ve never heard of it, then I don’t know where you’re living but it’s likely in a very secluded and rural area. If you’re looking to obtain a login, find out the price, or maybe you’re just exploring your options, then I’ve covered it here. Here’s my rundown of the website and app. Complete Review

The AFF abbreviation stands for Adult Friend Finder – one very famous website for adult dating. The multiple options that AFF offers are amazing and appeal to a large audience – couples in open relationships looking for fun, swingers couples, and singles looking for suitable hook-ups.

The AFF website offers a secure and discreet service. AFF has become a part of the Penthouse Media Group, expanding and improving its services and establishing a user base with more than 30 million users.

User Experience

The AFF policy is following the latest trends, and the development team has brought this to perfection. There is a convenient mobile app that enables you a secure, discreet, and private access to your AFF contacts. This way you are always connected and using your smartphone you can find a suitable date on the go.

AFF has been devoted to communication between users. It offers very user-friendly chat-rooms, instant messages as well as member-side email service. Users can even write their own erotic story and get it published in the AFF free magazine. It will reach the AFF users and you’ll get extra points for your sexy written words.

AFF has gone a step further and offers web gadgets for adult dating and ensuring customer satisfaction – image and video sharing, as well as live sex-cam encounters.

Site-Searching Options

As said before, AFF is committed to excellence in servicing its users. The multiple filters allow users to find their exact match. The multiple options and very selective filters like selecting your most preferred sex position, the preferred body type, boob size, eye color, and many other even more specific options.

And of course, there are multiple options that allow the users to define their preferences and greatly facilitating the meets between the best-matched members like no-strings-attached sex meets, sexy flirting for shy members or full-on swinger meets.

Cost-Benefit Comparison

The website brings a large sex community closer to its users. The user-friendly mobile app secures safe, private, and discreet use of the offered features. The initial use is a free trial which can be turned into a full membership for getting the best AFF has to offer.

The users can select between these subscription offers:

  • Silver membership deal – $17.99/moth; $32.49/three months
  • Gold membership deal – $26.99/month; $53.99/three months; $134.99/year
  • Best Value annual deal – $89.99/year

Each membership option offers different features, and the video-chats are available with the Gold membership. Even if it seems a lot, users have multiple benefits by using AFF dating services.


Not only is safety a top priority at Adult Friend Finder but this site also aims at implementing it in all site sections. First of all, the software is GoDaddy supported and protected, offering uninterrupted professional web services.

The safety of the users is very important, and that is why AdultFriendFinder has done its best to incorporate the best safety protocols in all sections of the website.

The used software has GoDaddy protection and support, enabling professional and uninterrupted services. There are even more privacy settings in instant messaging, in email, and during web-chats.

The security is extremely good, enabling secure and discreet payment transactions, guaranteed data protection of all its users, and it is minors safe. Actually, the user is the weakest link, meaning that only the members themselves can make a mistake while chatting or arranging live meetups.

Bottom Line


  • Amazing landing page
  • Hi-tech features
  • Large members database
  • User-friendly mobile App
  • Group chat option


  • Expensive memberships
  • Limited adult videos


The Adultfriendfinder network is one of the best websites for adults looking for discreet sex and hookup meetings. The multi-million user’s database and the daily active members numbering in the hundred thousand, you are guaranteed to find the best hot hook-up for you.

AFF services offer dating advice, the possibility of finding a date, fulfilling some wild sex dream, and more, all wrapped in a high-tech user interface available at the tip of your finger.

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