Appetence App Review

Appetence dating app a free “slow matchmaking”, it encourages users to take love slowly. By forces singles to message and have a real deep conversation before they can see each other’s profile pictures, Appetence serves users serious about forming substantive connections.

Our society today promotes relationships of fast-swipe online dating. Physical attraction is a huge factor and it plays an important role for people to get in and get out of dating apps as soon as possible. So there comes Tinder and its followers. But Appetence dating app believes “True and long-lasting love isn’t found through images alone”.

We do need to get off our appearance and sex drive and re-learn how to actually carry out spiritual exchange while we are finding love.

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Languages: English, Spanish

Free to get Appetence Dating APP IOS version from Apple Store.
Android version for Appetence Dating APP is not available yet.

Appetence Dating APP Review – How Appetence Works

Sign in and profile

You can sign up Appetence dating app with your Facebook or use your email address. And Appetence needs to validate your identity, so you should also provide your phone number to receive confirmation code.

Appetence is a LGBT friendly dating app. Not just man and woman, you also have the options to define yourself as agender, androgynous, bigender, Cis Man, Cis Woman, Gender fluid, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, hijra, intersex, nonbinary, pangender, transfeminine, transgender, transmasculine, transsexaual, FTM, MTF, two spirit and other. So as the genders that you are looking for.

Beside some basic information such as name, picture and age, you’re also prompted to provide more info about yourself, like lifestyle, tastes (music, interests, gastronomy, movies, look, TV, trips, pets, sports, books. etc.).


Verified Profile

If you want to verify your profile, just tapping in the menu gets you to your profile; there you can choose the option of verifying profile. The front camera will turn on and you take a photo of yourself and send it to us. We will verify it as soon as possible and the verified icon will appear in your profile.

Appetence Match and the Hidden profile photo

Appetence matches compatible profiles based on your interest and search settings. Once you get your matches, you can begin chatting and engaging. But neither of you have the ability to know what the other person looks like. Unlike any other dating service you’ve tried, Appetence does not automatically display your match’s pictures.

In Appetence your image is not the first and most important thing, but neither the last one. You must first engage in the art of conversation.

At first, users’ profile photo will appear covered by a pattern and will get discovered as the game progresses: the more “likes” your encounters have, the sooner they will be able to reveal your photo.

Conversation is the most important parts in Appetence. In order to see your match’s photo, you need to earn that privilege by striking up a conversation to get their “like” your messages. You will get your first “+10 likes” when an encounter is set (both, you and the other person, want to meet).

You can’t just fill the time with random letters during a conversation, you have to send messages that are worthy of the other person’s like. If your messages earn 50 likes, your match’s full profile photo will be unveiled. For them to see yours, they’ll also need to earn 50 likes. That means at least 100 decent messages between the two of you.

Appetence Cost

As of now, Appetence APP is totally free to use. you can access all Appetence’s features for free.