Asian Beauties Review

This review covers everything you need to know about the Asian Beauties dating platform. I’ve gone above and beyond here, digging like crazy so you know it all. How did it start? Well, I checked out to see if I could hook up with an Asian cutie and I almost immediately realized that it’s no good.

Why? Well, the domain redirects to It looks like a cheesy dating site that’s been around since dating the beginning of dating online. A white guy hugs his Asian girlfriend with a big smile on his face while you enter your information. Read my review and I’ll tell you if this site can make that happen for you. Chances aren’t looking great, just saying.

Asian Beauties Review

Review of My Asian Beauties

If I could think of one word to describe Asian Beauties (or should I say it’s basic. The site’s layout is basic and their approach to convincing you to spend money on them is rather basic as well. They do surprisingly, have real girls on the site.

There are a few dating sites out there that are geared toward getting you a date with someone of Asian descent, but this site is not one of them. The only thing this site is trying to do is make money.

They use real women to entice you but the number of credits it takes to chat with real Asian beauties is very expensive to get. I wasted quite a bit of time and money. Guess what, nothing happened.

It was nice to talk to real women but those credits don’t last very long and the cost to communicate is expensive. The site claims to have 15,000 Asian women. This is on the low side considering the Asian population. I didn’t have that comfort feeling after joining the site marketed member count was exceptionally low.

Registering As A User

You can choose to log in using Facebook or you can create an account by filling out a brief questionnaire on the main page of the site. First, you must confirm your gender and the gender that you are looking to connect with.

Simply add your name, e-mail address, and create a secure password and you are ready to find your Asian matches. If your experience is somewhat similar to mine, then you will start receiving messages right away. The good news is that they seem genuine. There is a catch, though. Keep reading and find out what it is.

All The Messages is based on a credits system rather than a monthly membership. This can be pretty expensive if you don’t watch your dollars and cents. Especially if you do what I did and spend all of your credits up with nothing to show for it.

It costs you credits to chat live with other members and if things don’t pan out, you can’t get those credits back. I got tons of chat requests right away, as soon as I signed up. I burned up a lot of my credits trying to respond. You get pulled in because you can actually chat for free at first.

You are allowed four free messages. When you send those messages and see that you are interacting with real girls, you are enticed into paying for credits. I should also mention that I love chatting with girls so it’s not much of a stretch to think that I’m video chatting on a daily basis. It’s just what I do.

Specific Costs

I should probably give you the specifics on the cost so that you’re aware. 500 credits will cost $249; 320 credits will cost $185.00; 160 credits will cost $96.00; 80 credits will cost $56.00; 40 credits will cost $30.00 and 20 credits will cost you $2.99.

Let me stress that 20 credits are not going to get you anywhere on this site. Oh, they also have a full-service option that they offer which costs $3,895.00. This cost includes connecting you with a local Asian woman and your hotel cost.

Calling The Girls

I burned through a couple hundred dollars’ worth of credits using AsianBeauties and none of the girls I chatted with ended up talking to me over the phone. I question whether these women were really who and where they said they were.

All the girls I was messaging were extremely hot, so I wasn’t surprised when none of them wanted to connect anywhere besides chatting. I get the idea that these are paid models that are there to get you to keep buying credits.

They are sure good at stringing you along. If this is truly the case, I would have preferred to join a cam site versus a dating site that gets you nowhere.

Meeting Asian Women

There might have been a chance to meet up with one of the girls because they are real, but I might have had to take a second mortgage out on my house before I was able to afford enough credits to make that happen.

I have serious doubts that anyone ends up meeting with anyone on this site. Well, except when the site owners get together to celebrate how much money they took from you. I’m just glad I didn’t pay close to $3,895 to date an Asian girl.

Conclusion: Asian Beauties Is Crazy Expensive

I was skeptical when I first logged into but got excited when I found that I was chatting with real women. You never get to talk to any real women at most scam sites, so I thought that was a good sign. My excitement to chat with real women was quickly replaced by the realization that I was being manipulated.

The girls you chat with prompt you to keep using the site which costs credits that you keep having to buy to talk to them. It’s just not worth it. Not to mention, all the third party complaints that exist out there. If you’ve joined this site, then I suggest that you cancel right away and ask for a refund.

The phone number to cancel is 1 (800) 311-7598. Don’t waste your time using this site. There are plenty of other casual dating sites that cater to those that like Asian girls. is a waste of time. Do not do it!

Want to hook up with an Asian girl?

It wouldn’t be right for me to leave you hanging without giving you good options. I’ll cut to the chase and tell you the site that I most frequently suggest consumers use. Just read my review of Fling. You’ll quickly understand that millions of Asian girls are right around the corner and that it’s better to use local networks with a massive member base versus overseas networks.