Badoo Review

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This update covers everything you need to know about the network. It’s a global dating community that caters to those looking to meet people via their mobile phones. Yes, 100% app driven too. Aside from some login problems people have had, it’s decent. Perhaps worth giving a shot if you’re looking for something more mainstream.

  • Affordable membership
  • Free to try out
  • Superpower ratings help hookup
  • App available on iOS and Android
  • Profiles may be bots
  • No matching algorithm
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Among the sea of online dating apps, few are really starting to take a rise. One of the mobile apps that grows more popular each day is the Badoo app. This one has gone global and is available in about 180 countries across the globe – which is pretty good when you are traveling and in need of a date or a hookup or you are feeling lonely and want to talk to someone near you.

Quick and easy to set up an account with Badoo, there are about 422 million estimated users of the app, which gives you plenty of options for meeting someone. Keep reading as I delve further into the app and share with you everything you need to know about Badoo.

Criteria Ratings

This is the criteria and overall breakdown of the ratings for

Support & Safety
Cost To Join
Member Quality
Overall Value

Usability: Simple & Easy

Badoo is simple to subscribe to and use. The initial sign up is via your Facebook profile or another account like your Google account. After downloading the app and signing up, you will need to fill out your profile: name, gender, email, and location are the essential parameters you need to enter, along with your intent i.e. what are you after through the app.

You can share if you are interested in finding friends, chat, date or a hookup, and based on this, the app shows you adequate profiles, but there is no matching algorithm.

Features: Good Options

The Badoo app is mostly straightforward and has some very good features, as well as a very friendly user interface. Here is a list of the main features that I separated and think are worth mentioning.

  • Free registration
  • By buying credits, you can set up your profile on top of the navigation bar; also you can activate Super powers, which means that your messages have priority with your matches.
  • An option to share the profile on Instagram or Facebook
  • Photo-based app urges you to share your selfies with other users
  • Public or private photo albums, photo, and video creation through the app
  • The most popular profiles have a superpower rating
  • The option to invite your Facebook friends to use the app, in which case you get credits
  • Geolocation shows you where you can meet some of your friends, and they are pretty exact in their suggestions

There is a lookalike feature that finds members that look like famous people, which is very fun to use as well.

Trend/Popularity: Peaked In 2013 In The US

The network seemed to have gained a ton of traction between 2008 and 2010. For some reason there was a sharp decline in interest according to Google Trends data. This drop was due to a fix in geo data displayed, so it’s not as accurate as I wish it were. Keep in mind, this doesn’t really define the effectiveness of the dating network, but how it’s trending with people searching for it.

Overtime it seems like the network was trending in Virginia, Oregon, Mississippi, Florida, and California. So if you’re located in those states, then you’re in luck. Trend
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Member Quality: Overall Good, Few Fakes

Badoo has a good membership base, although it can surely use some improvement. There is a good verification process in place, with the primary sign in being via Facebook and all. Still, the other sign up options via a Google e-mail address, MSN, VKontakte and Yandex make Badoo open for fake profiles.

While the fake profiles are not plentiful, they are still a cause for concern as some of these are used to advertise stuff and even crawl the site and steal personal data. But the general user base is good enough and paired with the geolocation feature, Badoo gives its users plenty of chances to hook up with someone they like.

Support & Safety: They Care About Users

The customer support Badoo has in place for their users is very good. There are extensive Safety and Security Tips pages that outline every detail the new users need to watch for and hot to protect them from falling victims of scammers. These include advice on protecting your personal info, credit card info and password protection.

If any user notices any inappropriate behavior, they can report it by clicking the report abuse link, in which case, the security team takes immediate action. Any user can report an inappropriate picture, abusive behavior, a fake profile and the use of a stolen photo, and the support guys will immediately tackle the issue.

Also, the help page holds a list of tips for the offline meeting with people you’ve met through the app. It would be good to read through these even if you are experienced in the online dating routine, just as a reminder.

Badoo has a reasonable safety system in place to protect its users and their sensitive data. Apart from the email verification, the users are often urged to make a purchase through the app which serves as a way to prove their authenticity and get phone number verification. A verified profile will be either outlined in white, which means a one-step verification is complete, and outlined in blue which means the user has done a two-step verification process and is a real person.

According to Wikipedia, the company who owns this social network is Badoo Trading Limited and they are based out of Cyprus. The network creator is Andrey Adreev and he started the network in 2006.

Customer Service URL:

Pricing: Cost-Effective, Reasonable

The initial sign up to Badoo is free. Also is the simple use of the basic services. There are a desktop version and a mobile app. Both are free of cost just for the simplest of services, like browsing through profiles and messaging.

The paid version of the app allows you more options and a greater chance of hooking up with someone. You can choose a weekly, monthly, 3-month and a 6-month subscription plan. Once you subscribe to their premium membership, you will get access to a lot of options, like Super Powers allowing you to have a favorite folder, use the app anonymously, see who liked your profiles and more. A 3-month subscription will set you back $31.99, and a Lifetime pass with Super Powers is going to run you $60 – $80 depending on the current promo.

That said, based on what I know these prices are constantly changing. We do our best to report them accurately as possible but mistakes happen. Below are the most popular options as of this review date.

$ 31
  • 3-Month
$ 0
  • 1-day trial
$ 79
  • Lifetime

Ratings: Decent Overall

The mobile version of Badoo currently holds a 4.3-star rating on Google Play, being downloaded more than 100 million times and about 4.2 million people decided to leave a rating and a comment regarding the app, which points to it being very popular. It is the same situation over at the Apple store, with almost the same results.

There are few pros and cons related to Badoo which help to best outline the app, it’s rating and popularity.


  • Visually appealing display
  • E-mail verification, prompt customer support
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Global use in 180 countries
  • 420+ million users to choose from


  • No matchmaking service
  • Some fake accounts may exist
  • The paid version with credits may be confusing to some

Conclusion: Perhaps Worth A Try

Badoo has used the example set by other apps before them and has created a service that satisfies a lot of users, seeing as it offers meetings between friends, hookups, arranging a date and generally meeting new people. It is not very expensive to use and considering all the benefits of meeting new people near you, it is a good app to try, no questions there. seems to be a really popular app and one that many have put their faith in for finding matches. Is it a top 10 choice when it comes to meeting adults strictly for hookups? That’s tough to, I guess you’ll have to give it a shot to see it’s effectiveness. If you’re looking for something more laid back, then perhaps you’ll find it on some of the other reviews published. If not interested in joining today, then I suggest heading back to the homepage and regrouping from there.