BangBuddies Review

There’s no beating around the bush here at all. I love meeting new bang buddies in my hometown. It’s a simple fact of life that we all want someone we can just call up and bang. It’s natural and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no sense in dealing with the hassle of having a girlfriend especially when networks like BangBuddies exist.

I hate having a regular girlfriend because all I want to do is have casual sex and all she wants to do is talk. It’s a terrible system that’s been plaguing mankind since the dawn of time. Luckily, if you’re a student of trends like I am, you’ll see that traditional dating is falling by the wayside in favor of the far more efficient system of hooking up.

Women all over the world are realizing the same exact thing as men. Sometimes they just want to get their little berries flicked, but they don’t want to deal with someone constantly around them. Maybe they want to focus on their career, or maybe they just hate dirty socks on the floor.

Either way, they’re flocking to sites like BangBuddies to get their rocks off whenever the need arises. Once again, it’s natural and there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s why these services exist and are growing their user bases every single year. They’re giving the people and their genitals what they really want.

I’m here today to share my full experience using the website. I’ve been a member for quite some time now and everything I’m about to share with you is as honest and raw as it gets.


My Official Review Of BangBuddies Network

I joined the site for exactly that same reason. I got so tired of traditional dating sites that I was ready to gouge my eyes out. I spent so much time talking to women about their likes, dislikes, and desires that I wanted to close down my accounts forever. I didn’t care at all what these people wanted. I had no intention of getting to know them beyond what they liked in the bedroom. I felt like I was living a lie and it just got to be too much. I decided to find a place that actually catered to me and what I wanted out of my time with it.

How I Found It

Someone mentioned BangBuddies offhandedly and I made a mental note to go check it out. I’m incredibly happy that I did. Not only do they have exactly what I’m looking for, but there’s no hassle involved at all.

The other people who use it are on the same page as I am and my online time has never been used more efficiently. I feel like I’ve finally found a place where I can be myself without any need of pretense or mind-numbing boredom.

What They Offer

So what does the site offer? Exactly what the name implies: BangBuddies. It’s filled with people who are looking for one night stands or ongoing hook up situations.

None of them are looking for anything long-term, and none of them care about your hopes and dreams. They want to know what your package has to offer them and that’s it.

If you ever find yourself in a conversation that lasts longer than three emails without an offer to hook up, then you’re talking to someone who’s on the wrong site. Everyone works so fast here that you’ll need to stop at a pharmacy for a cream to take care of all the chaffing.

Signing Up

Sign up is really easy. You don’t have to put in any more information than you’re uncomfortable with. All you really need is your age and gender, and that’s it. Obviously, if you want to be really successful, then you’ll need to say a little more about yourself, but that’s up to you. The amount of effort you put into your profile will affect the number of people who are willing to talk to you, just like any other site.

How It’s Different

The thing to remember is that the effort is focused on a very different way from typical dating. You don’t have to talk about career or kids or where you see yourself in ten years. All you need to tell them is what you’re capable of in the sack and what you’re looking for.

The more detail the better. Talking about it out in the open might just end up getting you ready for your first encounter before you even leave the house. That’s an incredible thought when you really think about it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Hookup Test

So, once your account is good, it’s time to embark on your journey. I decided to hit this place with an unforgiving test: two girls on the same day. It’s always been a dream of mine to sleep with two complete strangers during one twenty-four hour period, and this is the task I would layout for myself.

Without ever touching my wallet…oh, right, did I mention the site is F.R.E.E.? It doesn’t cost a dime to sign up. You just need a connection and something to type with. That’s all that it takes. If you ever run into any problems, then the customer service people will take care of you. Bang Buddies is surprisingly professional when it comes to their users.

Talking To Girls

Anyway, I started talking to some people with the main purpose of having sex with two of them the following day. Out of all the messages I sent, a good 75% of them responded to me and a good 60% of those kept talking to me. Those are amazing numbers. I knew things were going well.

Going On Dates

I was able to set up dates with two gorgeous women. There was one in the early afternoon, one in the late afternoon, and a third safety in the late evening. I was stoked to give it a shot and it totally worked! I met up with the first one, had a few drinks, headed to her place and just banged her.

It was that easy.

The second was very much the same. I was so happy that I almost forgot about the third. I meant to cancel, but something told me not to, even though I was tired and sore at this point. We met up and damn! She was the hottest and freakiest in bed! We’ve actually met up since then.

Does this site work? YES!

Conclusion: Give BangBuddies A Try

I’m not sure how else to put this other than just come out and say that undoubtedly this site works and it will help you get laid. The folks behind this Adult Dating Apps review site have spent years using dating apps to connect with women and this network is for sure a winner in my book. If you’re not hooking up on the regular then you’re not trying hard enough.