Easily the oldest Asian dating network on this site list, Cherry Blossoms aka has been running since 1996, when the Internet first became widely available. While open to all Asian cultures, the site tends to have a focus of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Filipino individuals.

The Rundown Of Cherry

Signup & profile creation are pretty standard here, if a bit tedious. You’ll have to work through two data collection pages, along with a request for a short bio before continuing on. As Cherry Blossoms tends to be shooting for marriage-level connections, it makes sense that they want some in-depth info from its new users. Even with the added length, you should be out of this stage within 5 or 10 minutes.

Once you’re online, you’ll probably want to start checking out member profiles. Unless you’ve already purchased a premium membership, you’ll be pretty limited in your ability to reach out, so keep these in mind as you look around. Free members can only look & flirt, while paid folks can send messages & emails, as well as admire additional sections of member profiles.

If you’ve gone so far as to upgrade your membership, you’ll be confronted with some unique features. Our favorite of these was “Visa Help,” which is exactly what it sounds like: logistical & legal advice regarding fiancée visas, work visas, travel visas, and other long-term travel or permanent status changes. They even provide links to government sites, along with walkthroughs for lengthy immigration processes. This is both thoughtful & effective, as many individuals on Cherry Blossom are looking for love across borders.

Another feature that seems to be unique to Cherry Blossoms is a “member checker” of sorts. Basically, they use a reverse-image search to verify if the member profile you’re looking at has duplicates on other sites that have been proven false. While technically something users can do on their own with Google, it’s pretty neat that they included it as a site function.

One thing that was a bit less impressive to us was the site’s design. Cherry Blossoms has been around for quite a long time, and you can tell. Sometimes the text is displayed against busy backgrounds, which can make it a bit hard to read. There’s also not much in the way of visual flair, making for a pretty plain experience.

While not the prettiest website, Cherry Blossoms has over twenty years of experience in providing romantic connections to Asian individuals looking to date both at home & overseas. Cherry Blossoms takes quality control seriously while offering a legitimate way for non-Asians to seek romance in Asian-based countries, which is why it’s a strong contender in today’s list.