College Student’s Hookup Bucket List

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Now that schools back in session and all the students are back in class (even with this annoying pandemic going on), I wanted to share my college hookup bucket list with you. This is a list that I put together after reminiscing about my many college hookups. I’ve done some crazy stuff and although I haven’t done all of these things, I thought it was a great idea and a wonderful way to start the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

college hookup bucket list

My List of College Hookup Checklist

Again, this is just my list. You should create your own list. You should also be sure to be cautious and protect yourself at all times.

Sex In The Dorm Bathroom

If you’re living in a coed dorm, your hookup locations are limited and this one should be the first you check off your list. The thrill of hooking up in the girl’s or guy’s bathroom is awesome!

Bang In A Frat House

Whether you’re in a frat or your friends are in a frat. You need to have sex in one. It’s easy to get laid in a frat house. There are always girls hanging out there and it’s gotta be mentioned here.

Spontaneous Dating App Sex

You need to find someone online through the use of a dating app that goes to school with you. Say as little to them as possible. Meet up that same night and have sex with them. Bonus: If you need help finding a good hookup site, try the “Snap” app.

Pub Crawl Booty Call

A tough one to do now with COVID, but once over, go on a pub crawl, get drunk and try to take home anyone you can to have sex with them.

On The Quad

If you go to a big school, chances are you have a big quad area where everyone hangs out. Your goal is to have sex with someone on the quad during the day. Yes, it’s risky and tricky but it’s achievable. I’ve done this myself and it’s a rush!

Threesome With Two College Girls

Want to experience something like never before? Have a threesome with two college girls. Three isn’t a crowd, it’s a blast!

Bang A Local Stripper

If you’re in college and are of age to visit a strip club, I’d suggest chatting it up with some of the dancers and trying to get a number or two. Hooking up with a stripper is no easy task but if you can do it, then by gosh kudos to you! Chances are, she’s been on a casual sex date once or twice in her lifetime, LOL.

Library Finals College Hookup

College is stressful and it’s even worse during finals week. I say you should try and hookup during finals week. It’s not impossible. In fact, there was a girl that used to record herself naked on webcam in the library. If she can pull this off then you can probably pull off having sex.

Hookup During A Snowstorm

If you attend college in a location where it snows a lot, you might get lucky and have a snow day. In the event that you do, you need to try and hookup with anyone you can on that day!

Well, now that I’ve shared this college hookup bucket list with you, you have no excuse for not trying to do any of these things while still in school. I was able to successfully complete about 75% of this list.

If you can do the whole list, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email me if you do it! Now if everything fails completely, you can always just order a pizza and have a couple of cold drinks.

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