Down Dating App Review

Down is a dating app that lets you honest expressing your feeling about the other people in your Facebook friends circle. Whom you want to date, and whom you just want to hookup for a casual relationship.

Fox sexuality, Down dating app gives you a more honest way to show it. And it lets you anonymously express the sexual intention and attraction to person in your circle of Facebook friends. You have the option to decide whom you want to potentially get sexy with or whether the person is a boyfriend or girlfriend material.

It’s all kept anonymous, unless that same person picks you in turn. If you two both reciprocate, you’ll be notified and can get in touch. If not, they’ll never even know you have such feeling for them.

Not matching and meeting total strangers, you are matching your Facebook friends and friends of your Facebook friends and friends of your Facebook friends of your Facebook friends…….it seems like a safer dating environment.

Down is formerly known as Bang with Friends APP

Found in January 2013 and more widely known as a Facebook friend casual sex app, Bang With Friends dating app changing its name to Down, after trademark settlement with game studio Zynga and being banned from App Store three months.

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How Down Dating APP Works

Sign Up

You only can sign in through your Facebook account. Then Down app uses your Facebook friends list, friends of friends and other connections to create your matches. Only your Facebook profile picture is visible to your potential matches. And you cannot upload photos from your camera roll.

Facebook Friends Match

Down dating app use your facebook friends’ connection to expand your dating pool. It makes people feel a bit safer than other dating apps, because you already know the other person is in your real-life orbits and you’re connected to them directly or through other friends.

Swipe up to date means you think that person has girlfriend/boyfriend potential, swipe down to hookup means you are looking for something casual and swipe left to skip means you are not sure yet and skips that person entirely.

To keep with the anonymous, the person on the other end is only notified if he says he has the same interested in you too: you want to get down or get date with them and they want to as well. Then you two will be notified via email and/or Facebook notifications, depending on your settings

Anonymously Invite Friends

You can anonymously invite the friends you want to get down/date with, in a secret way through the app. The person you invite will received an email or text message saying someone wanted to get down/date with him, but he won’t know it’s you until he sign up and happen to click “Get Down/Get Date” on you as well. The secret admirer option in Down mobile app allows you to send a friend one anonymously text invitation message.

Down Dating App Cost

The Private Membership of down dating app allows you to get more matches, see more profiles and hide from Facebook friends.
Free 7-day trial
It begins when you subscribes for the monthly package. And it automatically renews.

Top In-App Purchases

  1. DOWN Private Membership (Free Trial)$19.99
  2. Extra Pack of Nearby Picks$1.99
  3. Exclusive Access: Double Your Dating Tips$1.99
  4. DOWN Private Membership (Monthly)$16.99
  5. DOWN Private Membership (Weekly)$9.99
  6. Sweet Success Private Membership (Free Trial)$14.99

Down Dating App

Languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese

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