eHarmony Review

Finding a date online is much easier today than it once was. What’s gained a lot of popularity is searching via app. It’s now the place where we all turn to find our perfect match. Among the many online dating services that offer to do this, several stand out with their features, large member base and paid premium membership features.

There are those like eHarmony that have a free trial which includes messaging, browsing the user profile, and connecting with your potential soul mate. eHarmony also has a paid membership option that allows the user even more features, but the free trial includes all the tools necessary for making the initial contact with someone.

Keep reading below as I explore all the hidden options eHarmony’s free trial offers and how you can utilize these to the best of your abilities.

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Signing Up For Free On eHarmony

Each online dating site has a free trial period. For some, it is a few hours, while the eHarmony free trial lasts for three full days or 72 hours. It is advisable that you sign up for the free trial over the weekend when the traffic on the site peaks, and you have more free time to explore.

Just to note, this period is a free trial, but you still need to pay an entry fee of $40. The important aspect of the three-day free trial is that at any given moment you don’t like the site or services you can cancel and get a full refund of the fee. If you miss the 72-hour deadline even by a half an hour, the full refund does not apply.

Maximizing Your Free Trial Period

The free trial on eHarmony lasts for a full 72 hour period, but it does not start immediately after you initially sign up. You have about 30-minutes worth of answering questions and filling up the profile. The payment transaction is the last step of the way, and the countdown of the free trial starts after the payment.

This gives you an extra half an hour to browse through the user profiles, make contact with someone, and look for your perfect match. The free trial covers looking through profiles, making some customization to the matching settings, and discard profiles that hold no appeal for you. Anything else and you will have to pay a small fee, but sometimes it can be completely worth it.

Tips About Getting The Most Out Of A Trial

Use each e Harmony free option to the max with the tips outlined here. I hope that these will be helpful and you will maximize your chances of getting a good match that fits your wishes.

Signup for the free membership

It is sweet to use something for free and make the best out of it, which also includes the eHarmony free trial. Simply visit the eHarmony website and start filling up your profile. You need to fill out the basic information about you: name, gender, country, zip code, and sexual preferences. By clicking “Let’s Go” you are agreeing to their terms of use and you will be shown a questionnaire that will help the algorithms match you with your potential mate. You can review the proposed matched profiles and chat with them during the Communication Weekend.

You can use promo codes

Every little discount can help you with something, and if you happen to stumble upon a coupon or a promo code for eHarmony, you can use it during your registration for your free trial. Many of the major discount and promo sites offer a large selection of verified discount codes and free trial codes and these should never be overlooked.

Use every advantage to chat with users

There are Communications Weekends that enable all users to communicate for free with as many people as they want. These Weekends are planned in a regular schedule and last from 3 to 5 days. They don’t necessarily happen over the weekend, but if you want to take full advantage, you need to check for the updates and notifications which are posted on the eHarmony registration page.

What you get from the eHarmony free trial

With the initial signup process out of the way, let’s see what you can get from using eHarmony. There is a relationship questionnaire that features questions with multiple choice answers that cover almost every aspect of your life: hobbies, interests, lifestyle, habits, traits, and a lot more. Seeing that this questionnaire was constructed by psychologists, the questions are very appropriate and helpful.

Any match on eHarmony is made by matching several key qualities like Character, Kindness, Self Concept, Physical Energy, Dominance, Sociability, and more. These are determined by analyzing data of the users and the answers on the questionnaire. After a match is made, the couple can then continue with e-mailing, messaging, and communicating further per their mutual decision.

The Pros and Cons

The free trial is there for a reason: to provide the chance for you to get to know the inner workings of the website, to get familiar with the process and get a taste of everything you can have. Here I outline the main pros and cons of the free trial on eHarmony.


  • You make a profile with photos and answer the relationship questionnaire
  • You can keep your account after the trial ends
  • Guided communication to help you break the ice and start talking
  • Daily notifications for any made match
  • You can take a personality test and get a free personality profile


  • No e-mail messaging until you upgrade your membership
  • No watching the photos of the matches, only reading their info

Final Thoughts: Is the eHarmony free trial worth it?

Above I’ve outlined the main aspects of the free trial you get on eHarmony. While it is not completely free, as you still need to pay to see the images of the matched profiles, still, there is the 72-hour trial period that allows you to get a taste of things.

If you signup during the Communications Weekend, then you also get the full advantage of chatting with as many members as you like. The eHarmony free trial is the perfect way to initiate yourself in the world of online dating and if you happen to like it, then you can download the app and start looking for your perfect match.

If you’re looking for something that’s far more risque and “sexy” then I’m going to advise that you give a shot because it’s a real winner in that regard! But first, read my review before doing so.