Feeld Review

Feeld is a threesome dating app for couples and singles. It is for sex curious and open-minded people who interested in sexual relations that include more than two people and like to diversify sexual life by meeting new people that have similar wishes.

On Feeld, everyone knows why he is here—being curious about your sexuality, looking for open-minded friends and expect to experience something new. Kinky and curious people are looking to get frisky with others.

Date in an open-minded space, Feeld is expanding the horizons of sexuality, gender or relationship; it is a place where people feel free to express their individual sexuality and explore along their personal boundaries.

Reborn from 3nder, Feeld Lets You Discover Your Sexuality and Explore It by Yourself

Feeld is formerly known as 3nder (Thrinder) dating app, which was developed by a London-based startup in 2014. In 2015, 3nder was launched in the US.

But in early 2016, Tinder filed a lawsuit against it, which says that the 3nder name infringed its trademark and misled users (3nder is pronounced ‘Thrinder’). However, this help 3nder getting headlines on social media and more world attentions. A lot of people joined after this Tinder lawsuit and most users of Feeld are in the US, UK and other Western European countries.

After being sued by Tinder, the threesome app 3nder rebranded to Feeld.

Official website: feeld.co

How Feeld Dating APP Works

Sign up and Profiles

For now, Facebook is a requirement, and the only way to join Feeld, since Facebook has built a great verification system to meet real people. But Feeld is anonymous, you don’t need to provide your email address and friends list by editing the Facebook login details, you can also use an imaginary name and Feeld never publish anything to Facebook. For additional privacy, you can lock the app with a pin.

facebook sign up and profile

Pay attention to your type of profile: single or couples, since it will not able to change later. Then provide your age, gender, sexual preferences and dating preferences. The app offers all of the officially recognized sexualities: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, queer, androgynosexual, androsexual, asexual, autosexual, demisexual, Gray-A, gynosexual, heteroflexible, homoflexible, objectumsexual, omnisexual and skoliosexual.


Only people who match your lookaround settings (except age and distance) can see you on their lookaround.

Swipe up for love, Swipe down for dislove. Profile, desires and interests to the left, photos to the right. When you both like each other, you can initiate a chat and send photos.

Group Chat with All Your Matches

You also can create a group chat with any number of your matches. This is one of the biggest differences with Feeld than other dating apps! The only prerequisite is that you have matched with each member you include in the group.

Feeld Cost

Feeld is completely free and you also can receive some cool features in return by becoming a Majestic Member.

Majestic Member

Majestic Members has two additional functions: Curiosity and Incognito.

Feeld Curiosity lets you see who has loved you from the people you’ve disliked them or haven’t liked them yet; while Incognito allows you to hide from yours and your partner’s Facebook friends who are also on Feeld, you can see them, but they can’t see you.

Try Majestic free for 7 days

It offers a 7-days free Majestic trial when you sign up; but you have to cancel the renewal of your membership subscription before the expiration of the trial and make sure App Store doesn’t take your money. In order to do it please go to Feeld Menu->Majestic Member->How to cancel->Cancel Subscription.

Top In-App Purchases

1 month Majestic Membership $11.99
3 month Majestic Membership $23.99

Feeld Dating App

Languages: English

Free to get Feeld Threesome Dating App IOS version from iTunes. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Free to get Feeld Couples dating App Android version from Google Play