Feeld Review

Looking to hook up with someone with not so orthodox desires? There is an app for that and it is called Feeld. Back in its beginnings in 2014, the developers named the app Thrinder or 3nder, but due to a name dispute with Tinder, it was renamed to Feeld.

Outlined as a networking app for straight and LGBT couples and singles, the app facilitates the communication between people that are interested in polyamory and alternative sexual preferences. Feeld app caters to people with special desires that go way over the usual norm. People interested in all kinds of kink can find great satisfaction through this app, and here I offer you a more detailed explanation of the under-the-hood dealings of the app.

Feeld Usability: Straightforward kink exploration

The Feeld app has a very simple registration policy – you sign in to it through your Facebook account. This is simply done to verify your authenticity because Facebook does not allow any bots to use its services, the network ensures their users are all real persons. Don’t worry as privacy and discretion are guaranteed, even if you are signing up through Facebook.

The app is straightforward to use – you need to input whether you want to use the app as a single or as a couple. After that, you create a profile by entering your age, gender, and sexual preferences. The app offers all kinds of choices when it comes to exploring your sexual proclivities.

Features: Plenty of options to explore your wild side

The idea for Feeld was born when the founder’s girlfriend told him that she wanted them to engage in sexual experimentation. Every option on the app is aimed at allowing people to explore their hidden sexual desires in a safe environment, without judgment and meet like-minded people.

  • Join as a single or as a couple – this is a great option for people that want to try a threesome
  • Interesting and visually pleasing interface with the right side showing the images and the left outlining the person’s interests and desires
  • Discreet Facebook sign in ensures the authenticity of the users, with very little chance of scammers getting through
  • A lot of filter options to find the best match per your preferences
  • Extensive blog with educational content on many types of sexual activities
  • Secret invitations to people you like
  • Conversations start when both parties swipe up on their respective profiles, liking each other
  • Auto-destruct option on private images
  • Group chat with several matched users

Trend/Popularity: Kinky holiday season

The app was introduced in the US in 2014 and it has held a steady following. I’ve consulted Google Trends and from the displayed results, the app has been used more extensively during the holidays, with an amazing jump in popularity during Christmas and New Year’s.

The people of New York were the ones that used this app the most in the past year, followed by Columbia, Maryland, Oregon and Massachusetts. Seems like some pretty sexually liberated people live there. Good for them.

Member Quality: Curious, open-minded users

The signup process via an active Facebook account ensures that a very high percentage of the users are actual people, with maybe a few fake profiles. The members of Feeld are openly into unconventional sexual activities and with 23 sexualities to choose from, there is most definitely some experimentation happening here.

The app allows you to make a profile only in the case of having an active Facebook profile and you are over eighteen years of age. The registration process does not require the answers to many questions, but the app uses the Facebook profile used on sign-up to verify the authenticity of the user. In the possibility of a fake account creating a profile, this is usually caught and dealt with in a matter of a day, as the app also verifies the authenticity of the users via a phone number.

Support & Safety: Advanced safety features

The tech team is very vigilant to everything happening on their platform. There is constant customer support and once a report is issued, the support team immediately starts working on the problem at hand.

If a user ever has a problem with another user, they can block and report them. The official website holds plenty of information about using the app and has a help center with answers to everything app-related. Answers to questions about membership, creating your profile, fixing any possible issues and getting around the app, in general, can be found on their support page, neatly grouped in appropriate groups. There is also a Safety page with advice on how to keep safe and explain the basic guidelines of Feeld.

The app goes further with security than just the security code on your phone. Once installed on the device, the app allows for additional security locking the app with a TouchID and even adding an additional Passcode.

Feeld is owned by Feeld, Ltd., based in London, UK, and the company is very clear and transparent, as can be seen on their About page, which lists all the employees as well as relevant contact info.

Pricing: Cost-Effective

The use of the basic version of the app is completely free and no one has to pay to use it. However, the app has some additional features that are only available through purchasing a subscription. Their membership is called Majestic Membership and it offers very appealing features.

The features that come with the Majestic membership include seeing people that are interested in connecting with you, hiding from your Facebook friends that also use Feeld, using their Dawn Theme in low-light conditions. The paid membership also includes premium options like the Incognito mode.

The current prices for the Majestic membership listed on the App Store are $15.99 for 30-day and $31.99 for a 90-day subscription plan.

Ratings: On the rise

This mobile app is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The Google Play Store has it currently ranked at 3.2 out of 5 stars rating with over 5K people voting and leaving comments about the app. It has been downloaded more than 500,000 times, which proves it is very popular.

The Apple Store has a better rating for the app, which is understandable due to the love of iPhones by the American population. The Feel’d app is rated at 4.2 out of 5 stars. It has over 3.7K ratings and comments which only shows that people are interested in engaging in some unexpected sexual activities.

Here I list all the pros and cons I was able to see during my research for this review.


  • Most members are actual people, very few fake profiles
  • Free version with good option, membership option available
  • Anonymous browsing and user-friendly interface
  • Very good matching system
  • Use of the app as a single or as a couple


  • Users have reported occasional glitches
  • Not everyone has an active Facebook profile, which can be limiting for some people

Conclusion: A place to get your sexual curiosity satisfied

The Feeld app is a place where people that are looking to satisfy their sexual desires can feel free and safe, while they get to meet people with similar interests. The app helps the matches between such individuals or couples. It is very safe to use, as almost all of the profiles are verified, and there are additional safety precautions, as well as anonymity and privacy.

There is no need to use your real names here; your alter ego will do just fine. If your alter ego is into threesomes, experimenting with BDSM or swinging, then Feeld is worth the try as one of the safest environments for meeting like-minded people. If this is not your thing, then be sure to read the Fling.com review or any of the other reviews of dating apps that may interest you.