Get Laid Guaranteed: A Dating Clause You Need To Know About

If you haven’t come across a dating site that presents you with the Get Laid Guaranteed clause then you haven’t joined some of the best sites that I’ve used for years. I’m going to share some facts about the Get Laid Guarantee clause so that you know what you can expect and what these websites are offering you. There’s a good chance that you’ve not read the fine print on all these sites that offer the guarantee and if not I want you to be aware of what you are getting involved with. Keep reading as I dish out the facts about these guarantees.

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Get Laid Guaranteed Clause Facts You Must Understand

There is a good chance that you have heard of one of the many adult dating sites such as which gives you the comfort knowing that you will most likely get laid during the first few months of being a member. In the event that you are not, they this site and others typically offer further compensation for your efforts which further shows that they stand behind their dating services.

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a guaranteed hookup? The average cost of taking advantage of this adult dating clause is typically an average of $29.99 per month and if you have the money then it’s worth every penny to take advantage of the guarantees that sites offer. The big question here is whether or not you actually get what is being guaranteed or is there something in the fine print that you are missing? Also, we must ask ourselves whether or not the initial 3-month window is truly long enough to help you find someone to have sex online?

The short answer is a strong and confident YES! These sex dating sites have millions of individuals actively logging into the site in order to find someone to connect with. literally has millions of members and they are one of the top-rated dating sites. The chances of you actually getting laid when visiting a local restaurant or bar are not nearly as high as they are if you use a site that offers any type of “Get Laid Guaranteed” clause when you join the site. Not to mention, most of us don’t have any extra time, which means sitting at the bar getting drunk each night in hopes of getting laid is not going to fit into their daily schedule.

I should also mention that some of the women you come across outside of any adult dating site may not be all about having quick sex and that’s it. They may actually want to start a long term relationship and that can be a headache. I’d rather take my chances and meet someone online that wants sex and nothing more or less than that.

Here’s the good news, most of the adult dating sites that offer these types of guarantees have the technology and practices in place that are foolproof enough to get almost anyone laid in that time frame. They’ve studied this for years and they have the data to back up their offer to customers. Of course, there are certain uncontrollable factors that exist which myself nor the dating company can control, however, if you cannot get laid within the typical three-month period, most sites will compensate you with an additional three-month membership and they will do it free of charge.

Not everyone is a winner when it comes to dating online. It’s a known fact and I’m not going to try and blow smoke up your ass to make you think otherwise. Some people simply can’t get laid in a whore house with five thousand dollars in their hands. They just don’t have the skills to seal the deal. However, the majority of the people using casual sex sites are competent enough to successfully hook up with someone.

Individuals that take advantage of these types of sites end up getting laid at some point in time. It’s pretty tough not to make it happen really! If you’re not convinced then I suggest that you read my Fling review as well as my review to see exactly what I’m talking about. The get laid guaranteed clause is a good thing and it gets more people laid, simple as that really!