HitWe Review

You know the deal, I use mobile apps to text, meet up, and eventually have sex. I and probably millions of others do this daily. During one of my neverending searches for dating options, I came across an app called HitWe. I’m going to tell you all about it right here today. The way I see it, there’s no reason for someone to not want to better themselves and that’s exactly what I’ve done by testing some of these dating apps. I’m going to give you a rundown of everything I know about this mainstream dating app. Here is what I call the full rundown and everything you need to know about HitWe…


My Experience Using The HitWe App/Site

Okay, first things first: I’ve been on this site for three weeks. I’ve really done my homework here in the interest of letting you know exactly what’s going on at HitWe. It didn’t take me long at all to figure out it was a scam, but I needed the evidence to present to you.

You don’t just see a prosecutor walk into a courtroom, point to the defendant, and say “He did it” to have the guy locked up for life, do you? No, you need a due process and you need to prove your point, no matter how clear it is that it’s true.

Fake Profiles

So, right from the beginning, there are nothing but fake profiles to be found here on HitWe. What’s the dead giveaway, you ask? Well, I’m glad you did, and here it is: They have phone numbers in the usernames.

I don’t care how hard up for some action you happen to be, you’re never going to post your phone number right at the front of your hookup site profile. It’s pure madness. You would have to change the damned number and burn your phone within thirty seconds of hitting the post button. But yet they expect you to believe that people here are doing it.

The reason that they want you to believe it’s true is simple. They’re selling you the idea that the people who use HitWe are nothing but open, friendly, and ready for action. So much so that they hand out their numbers and just let you talk to them directly whenever you feel like it.

It’s a nice idea, but bordering on the insane. No one in their right mind would ever do anything that dangerous. If you want to run a fun little thought experiment, simply imagine that you’re a woman who really wants a little happy fun bedroom time.

You Options

You apparently have two options. Your first option is to make a profile like a normal person and wait for someone interesting to contact you, and then have a conversation. If this conversation goes well, you can exchange numbers.

The other option, according to them, is simply to post your phone number on your profile. Your mission in life thereafter will be to try and pick out the serial killers from the normal folk and work backward into a conversation to make sure you’re not going to end up in anyone’s basement. It doesn’t seem like a very difficult choice to make.

Special Offers For Nothing

Naturally, this isn’t the case at all. The numbers are simply plants. The second you text on, you’re forfeiting your right to privacy by inviting any company in the world to inundate you with special offers. Offers that really aren’t all that special, to begin with.

They’ll have incredible access to all of your personal information, and all that you’ll get in return will be ads. The simple fact of the matter is that all of these profiles are fake. They’re created by the site to try and get you on the hook.

If you’re smart enough to avoid doing this, you’ll still have a gauntlet to run. The second you make a free profile you’re going to start getting messages. You won’t be able to respond to them, but you’ll still keep getting them. They’ll be a never-ending torrential downpour from seemingly friendly people who only want to get in your pants.

In order to respond to them, you’ll have to upgrade your membership, which might have you looking at the trial membership. It’s a cheap affair at only a buck for a day, so it makes sense to respond to all these sexy, sexy ladies who only want a chance to jump your bones.

The Danger Zone

This is when you find yourself in the danger zone. These people know what they’re doing, so it won’t be obvious right from the start that it’s one big scam site. You might even get a few replies back after you respond.

Whatever the tactic, it will be enough to make you hold off canceling, and you’ll get charged the full monthly fee. Now you’ve given them everything they want and the women can disappear just as quickly as they showed up. You’re suddenly all alone in a sea of profiles.

Employees? Yup.

What actually just happened here was all those women were actually just employees that work for the site (probably the most annoying thing ever). They state right in their terms of service that they employ people to pose as users and communicate with you through profiles they create. Lots of places do this and it’s maddening every single time. They can do it by labeling themselves as fantasy providers rather than dating sites.

You’re not paying to meet someone, you’re paying for the fantasy of talking to someone about meeting up. Think of it as a strip club. You’re not going there to have sex; you’re going there to look at someone that you want to have sex with. It’s the same exact principle and it’s legal, as long as they call themselves out on it in the fine print. Once again, this is nothing new at all.

Ripped Images? Maybe.

So where do the pictures on those profiles come from? They can’t have the hottest staff in the world, can they? Of course not. Those pictures are either bought or stolen. They can come from a photographer’s collection or they can just come from a message board. Either way, the person in the picture never typed the words that you see on the screen.

Conclusion: HitWe Wasn’t A Hit At All

So, in closing, don’t use HitWe. It’s a waste of time and money, and you’re opening yourself up to a whole lot of trouble. Your personal information and your bank account information is on the line. Nothing is ever worth that kind of risk. There are plenty of other places that can get you where you need to be without ripping you off. There are more than enough legitimate places that actually exist on their reputation. This, however, isn’t one of them. This is a scam site form the second you walk in.

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