Jess Meet Ken Review

Jess, Meet Ken is a free dating app which works like Tinder, except every single man is recommended by a woman who is willing to vouch for his awesomeness. Women introduce their best men to other women on Jess, Meet Ken. Women are better to know what women want from a man and what a man is really like to determine if he is a good fit.

Jess, Meet Ken is a female friendly dating app for real relationships, rather than just hook-up. It aims to create a safer, trusty and comfortable dating environment and build a deeper, more qualitative dating experience by relying on women to vouch for men. It also will be helpful if you are tired of being inundated with countless unwanted messages from men who just want to hook-up.

Right now, Jess, Meet Ken only caters to opposite-sex couples, but there are plans to eventually open it up to people of other sexual orientations.

Jess, Meet Ken Dating APP is Based on Founders’ True Love Story Online

The Boston-based matchmaking app idea is come from founders’ own experience of finding each other.

Adele, who has been friends with Ken since they were 16 years old, so she knew what women would like about him better than he knew himself and she also knew how to sell him better than he could sell himself. One day she has an idea to post a profile for Ken on a dating site.

Ken’s profile piques Jess’ interest, so she reaches out to Adele to ask for more info

It’s how Jess meets Ken. And they got married four years later and now have a happy family including three beautiful little girls.

Their true love story inspired them to start Jess, Meet Ken, a dating app where woman recommend man to other woman.

How does Jess, Meet Ken Works

Sign in with a Facebook account is the only way. Then you’re asked if you want to recommend a guy or find a guy, or both.

Recommend a man on Jess, Meet Ken

If a woman know a great guy and want to recommend him to other woman, she should answer 10 questions about him first. The kinds of things other women would want to know before meeting him, such as: How’s his sense of humor? Is he good looking? What does he do? How is his relationship with his mother?

Then the woman completes a short profile of this man and he is in the dating pool that other women can scope out.

This third-party female clearly plays a key role, and seeing as it’s exactly what fueled the real-life Jess and Jen relationship, it’s safe to say that’s one of the most valuable features of the site.

Find a man on Jess, Meet Ken

For woman who wants to find a man on Jess, Meet Ken, it just works like Tinder. Just browse through the database of eligible bachelors with the assurance that another woman has advocated for them.

If there is a match, the woman and the man will be able to chat with each other, but the woman will also be able to chat with the man’s female nominator.


You are single and helpful. Recommend a man to other woman and find a special guy for yourself.

Men on Jess, Meet Ken

If you’re a man? Well, it is invitation only. Men can only be on the app if a woman creates & posts a profile for him. The man can then browse through other women and a little symbol will appear whenever a woman has been recommended by his female friend. The nominator can also browse through women to nominate for her male friends.

Jess, Meet Ken APP detail

Language: English

Free to download Jess, Meet Ken on the Apple Store. Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. But not Supports Apple Watch.

Jess, Meet Ken is not available on Android yet.
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