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Are you feeling lucky today? Do you want to get lucky? Well, then this might be right up your alley. Find out if the latest is up your alley and worth using. Everything’s been covered below. Do yourself a solid and spend time learning about this casual dating app before taking any action.
  • Free to join
  • Solid geo tracking
  • No hidden fee nonsense like the rest
  • Totally private and anonymous
  • Easy to use
  • Trending in 2019
Homepage of Lucky App
Credit: - Craigslist Alt Dating App

Many more people today reach online for everything they need, including the whole process of finding a date, and among the many online dating apps, some are more and some are less inclined to offer you the best. One of the best ones out there is the Lucky app, which is not exactly a “dating” app, but I’m going to explain this below. Forgoing the boring details and going straight for the good stuff, Lucky offers some very good features that stand well above the competition.

Criteria Ratings

Here’s a rundown of the app ratings which we’ve scored here internally.

Support & Safety
Cost To Join
Member Quality
Overall Value

Usability: The simplest, most direct approach

The anonymous hookup app, as the Lucky app is advertised, is not a true online dating app, but an app where people can get a hookup quick and easy. The app does not bother its users with boring like/dislike features, but only asks for your gender and gender preferences and you are all set to go.

By setting a time limit on your availability of one, three or six hours, you take action and show the interested parties that you mean business. You get to see active profiles of people near you, and all you need to do is swipe right to like them. If both of you swipe right, then a match is made and you can arrange your hookup/date, that is completely up to you. But remember, you have only three hours to start chatting, if you miss the deadline, you lose the match completely. That is why it is called Lucky – get the hookup now or never.

Features: Excellent possibilities

The Lucky app is all about finding the best hookup right now. With all the amazing features, we can all understand why it is one of the fastest rising apps of this kind today.

  • 100% Private and completely anonymous – the app does not require your name, address, phone number, email or Facebook profile. Just a selfie that may or may not include your face, completely your choice
  • Geolocation – the possible matches are all within a 100-mile radius or nearer so you have a real chance of hooking up with someone
  • Excellent free trial – a generous 6-month trial for novice users, the Lucky app really helps people get lucky
  • Take-charge attitude – a matched pair has an only 3-hour window to start a conversation; if not, the match is lost forever
  • Completely no hidden fees – all the core features of the app are completely free, and without any hidden fees along the way. After the free 6-month trial ends, you can get a 1-month, 6-month, and a 12-month subscription plan.

Trend/Popularity: Peaked during the Christmas/New Year’s break 2018/2019

The Lucky app can be considered as an alternative of the Craigslist Personals, and since that site has gone down, the popularity of the Lucky app has gone up. According to the Google Trends results, the Lucky app usually peaks during the several days between Christmas and New Years in the USA. This is understandable, as the holiday season is a lonely period for many people and most of them chose to get a convenient hookup.

States in the USA that have used the app are Mississippi, Arkansas, Nevada, South Carolina, and Georgia. Way to go in getting lucky if you find yourself in one of these states.

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Member Quality: Good quality member base

The people using the Lucky app have at least one thing in common – they all want to hook up with someone. Seeing as the app is registration-free and completely anonymous, the users have no reason to lie about anything and there are very few fake profiles.

The app is welcoming to all people, does not discriminate and allows equal opportunities for matching. There are male and female users, single people, couples, married people, people from the LGBT community, people interested in BDSM… The only thing Lucky asks its users is to select gender and who they are interested in hooking up with.

The geolocation feature of the app makes it easy for people to be matched and actually meet fast. Along with the free 6-month trial, this makes this app a very popular option for meeting and hooking up with people without risking becoming a victim of a scam or identity theft.

They have a strict no prostitutes or escorts rule, and they ban every scammer or spammer they find. Still, there were some complaints from users that they have received messages from fake accounts trying to sell them stuff. It seems that no app is impervious to scam attacks.

Support & Safety: Devoted to customer satisfaction

Lucky has one of the most prompt customer service teams of all the similar apps. The guys over at tech support will answer any question that is sent to them in a very timely manner and try to help the user resolve any issue with the app.

Since the Lucky app is almost anonymous, they only ask for your gender, a selfie photo, short bio and your location when the app is running, there is almost no risk of your data becoming a victim of scammers. The data collected by the app is securely stored on the site and is not available to anyone.

The FAQ section holds answers to the most relevant questions about the app, along with the Privacy Policy page and the Terms of Use page. For anything else, you can contact the support team via their email address.

The owner of the Lucky app is a certain Lucky Network LTD, based in Hong Kong, China, with somewhat limited company info online.

Pricing: Free core services

The Lucky app is very generous towards its users. There is a 6-month free trial after which you can select a subscription plan per your liking. You can also opt to use the app for free with only the basic features for as long as you like, no questions asked.

The app offers a 1-month subscription for the current price of $19.99, a 6-month subscription currently priced at $69.99 and a 12-month subscription at the price of $95.99. These are automatically renewable and come with extra options like extending the 3-hour countdown for an extra three hours and messaging any user of the app, without waiting to be matched with them.

Be careful as the deletion of the app from your phone does not cancel the subscription, this will have to be done via the In-App-Purchase Account that you’ve used to pay for the subscription in the first place.

$ 69
  • 6-month
$ 19
  • 1-month
$ 95
  • 12-month

Ratings: One of the best hookup apps today

Being a strictly hook up app, Lucky enjoys quite the popularity in certain circles. The app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times from the Google Play store, and unfortunately for the iOS users, the Lucky app has been removed from the Apple Store.

According to the Google Play Store info, the Lucky app currently holds a rating of 3.6 stars and has been voted as the “most anonymous hookup app”. Many people swear by the app, while many have not had such a pleasurable experience. The hooking up part depends strongly on your current location, so if you are in more densely populated areas, the higher the chances that you’ll get lucky tonight.

It has a very appealing premise and an easy-to-use setup, the Lucky app has some nice pros and some cons.


  • Anonymous use and no registration necessary
  • Fast hook up options
  • Nice user interface
  • Geolocation matching
  • In-app messaging


  • You can get matched with a crazy person – the con of anonymity
  • Strictly a hookup app, not for people looking for anything serious

Conclusion: Try Lucky to get lucky

I know, cheesy, but true. The Lucky app has been in business for some time now, and it has really started to gain popularity in the recent year or so. Seeing as the app is aimed at bringing people together for the sole purpose of hooking up, I expect that its popularity will continue to rise.

Combine this with the free use of the basic options and the geolocation matching feature, the apps’ anonymity and hassle-free registration, there is definitely something worth exploring. If you are into the whole hooking up fast with someone and enjoying a single night of hot fun, then I say go for it, download and try out Lucky for free. But on the off chance that you are looking for something else, be sure to check out our other dating app reviews (read them right here).