Meet24 Review

Since the true beginnings of the smartphone generation in 2007-2009, many a company has attempted to enter the online dating arena by creating specialty apps. These apps are usually designed with the intent of helping people meet nearby singles for short-term & long-term love affairs.

Unfortunately, with accessibility comes copycats, meaning that the app market has been flooded with trivial attempts at dating apps & online matchmaking assistants. That’s why we’ve covered the Meet24 app below. Hopefully, it should help clear some of the fog surrounding this downloadable.

Meet24 App Review

We’re covering a site network called Meet24 today. It’s a fun & carefree app designed to find fun & exciting partners to date. While we were initially pumped to check out Meet24, we were swiftly met with disappointment after disappointment.

The first frustrating factor on Meet24 is that, once you’ve uploaded a primary profile image, you can’t change it. This seems like a huge oversight for the app, and several reviews complain about this very same issue. Who wants to be stuck with the same profile image for 2 months, let alone two years?

Another frustrating facet of Meet24 is that it’s only available on Android. Considering how many iPhone users there are in the world, this seems like a severely limiting factor in gaining new users.

Match24 does have something going for it, and that’s it’s free membership. No complicated payment plans here, just glorious financial freedom. Keep in mind that, as with anything free, there are going to be some less than stellar members on here. But if you’ve been on these sorts of sites before, scammers are usually pretty easy to spot. Overall it seems like there are still plenty of real people on here, despite this flaw.

Security isn’t exactly the best feature on Match24 either. In addition to never being allowed to delete your profile images, you also can’t disguise yourself from anyone. No blocking is possible, and no other features exist that would allow anyone to use this app more discreetly. This is upsetting, as it means that Match24 is investing zero of their efforts into keeping their user base safe. While in recent months they’re reported efforts to battle these issues, we’ll just have to wait & see.

If you’re looking for a decent, location-based dating app that may still be in the development stages, perhaps give Match24 a shot. While it’s not wholly put together, we’ve also seen way worse.