Mixxxer Review

The reason our dating company exists is to help the single mingle. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of reviews lately, testing various dating apps. One that looked super appealing was Mixxxer. Most dating landing pages make you really want to just take action. However, this one, with some simple digging may make you think and feel otherwise.

mixxxer app review

Mixxxer App Review

It doesn’t take much to learn for yourself that Mixxxer is nothing more than a scam. It takes in far too many people who don’t take the time to read the fine print of the terms of service. With a little bit of patience and digging, you can see firsthand that you won’t be getting anything in exchange for your money here.

Mixxxer is essentially a ghost town when it comes to real users. But, they go out of their way to make it seem like it’s filled with people who are always one second away from exploding due to a lack of sex.

Don’t worry, I get into more of the details below…but first, so we are both on the same page, here’s a screenshot of the mobile app’s homepage:

Mixxxer screenshot

Entertainers Are Fake As Can Be

Check out the terms yourself and you’re going to see that they use what they call Mixxxers Entertainers. These are nothing more than paid employees and fake profiles that sell you the idea that you’re being entertained.

In fact, if you look at the Mixxxer labels itself in the legalese, it’s known as an entertainment site, not a dating site. That’s a very big difference, and it’s done to make sure that they don’t get shut down by the authorities for lying to their customers.

It’s a legal trick that a lot of hook up sites employ because it keeps them in business, while straight-up telling you exactly what you’re getting. You’re not paying for access to a hookup site filled with real people who just want to get laid; you’re paying for an entertainment experience that makes you feel like you are.

That’s really all that there is to it.

Sign Up Process

When you sign up, you’re legally agreeing to be entertained by computer programs and employees whose job it is to trick you into thinking they’re real.

You’re never going to meet up with anyone, and you’re certainly never going to have sex with anyone other than yourself. Sure the signup process is simple but that doesn’t mean it works.

Profiles Created By Company

The vast majority of profiles on Mixxxer are created by the owners of the site and designed to make it look like it has a large user base. In reality, the only users are the people who are getting scammed, just like you. Everyone is in on it except the people who are paying for it, and that’s just not right.

There’s no reason for a hookup site to ever have to contract people to talk to their customers. If they had even the slightest bit to offer anyone, then the dating site would run itself. They just refuse to put the effort into it. Networks like this use fake profiles. Those that use fakes are just dirty, simple as that.

Conclusion: Yup, Mixxxer Is Bad. BBB Proves It Too.

There’s nothing at Mixxxer for anyone, it’s all one big scam. The only reason that you should ever bother checking it out is to get the domain name to report them to the better business bureau.

The more “fake” hook up sites like this one that can be shut down, the more space it will open up for good ones to come in. Ones that can actually offer something in exchange for the monthly subscription. If you don’t have the time to do that, then simply pretend it doesn’t exist. You’ll be much happier that way.

What you should do is think about joining one of the apps ranked as a top-five contender of all-time. If you’re serious about hooking up, then all you need to do is take the right action. You’ll find real swingers if you do, trust me on that!