Once Dating App Review

When it comes to digital online dating, it always means to swipe and filter thousands of personals profiles to find someone that pleasing to the eye. Typically, dating services use algorithms to match up compatible members. But Once dating app offers a somewhat different online dating experience. So, what is Once dating service doing differently than other dating apps? Less is more, quality over quantity. Only one high quality and suitable potential dating object in a day. Once Dating App Once is a dating app that specifically handpicked one quality match for you every day at noon – with only 24 hours to give it a go, and if you both ‘like’ each other, you can message and form a connection. You will focus on the only one personalized match per day that sended by professional real human matchmaker of Once. If you are looking for something a bit more serious than just a hook-up or short-term thing, that’s Once. Get once dating app: Official website, apple store, Google play. Once Heartbeat feature – Uses Your Heart Rate to Help You Find Love If you own a Fitbit or Android Wear smartwatch, you will be able to sync your fitness tracker with the Once dating app to see your heart rate in real-time when you first get a glimpse of that day’s match and display it. For now, Once just lets you see your heart rate when you look at your match’s profile, but there are expectations that future versions will let matches send their heart rates to each other. Heartbeat feature in once app

How Once Dating APP Works

Sign up and profile

Sign up with your email or your Facebook profile. There is no complexity to the process, just provide your name, age, gender, sexual orientation and phone number. You may be surprised to see a dating app to ask for your mobile phone number, but it is just for the authentication step, you will get confirmation number via text to create your account. Also choosing a profile picture that clearly enough to show your face and show you are a real human (at least 2 high quality photos), because your profile picture needs to be verified and approved. The following types of photos will be removed: Blurry pictures, Pictures where you cannot be recognized, Pictures of children, Naked pictures, Animal pictures, Pictures with firearms and guns, Pictures with no clear relation with you or your hobbies. Phone authentication and picture verified are good because it indicates that the Once wants to guarantee there’s emphasis on real people meeting real people. You can also add other more information on your profile after sign up to make it easier for matchmakers.

Once Match – One match per day

Every day at noon, Once’s professional matchmakers will send you a handpicked match based on your companion preferences. The matchmakers focus on the active users of the application, and it will also screens profiles to make sure you don’t get a match who is your old classmate, friends, distant acquaintances or work colleagues. Only your suggested match can see your profile. And you two have to both like each other in 24 hours before you are able to chat. By the end of the 24 hours countdown, you will know if he/she likes you. You also can get an opportunity to send a one-time message to your daily match whether they express like or not first. After the 24hrs are up, you are given your next suggested member.


Once dating app is FREE to use, however the app offers a chance for more interactions by buying crowns. For example, the 24 hours restriction doesn’t mean that the tailored match is any more likely to match with you. He may be just too busy to look at the app that day, so the crowns come.

Once Crowns

Once offers other key features, which can be used in exchange for Once crowns, like:
  1. Choose your own matches if there is a user you want to chat with and pick your match ffor the following day without him/her knowing
  2. Send a message to an old match that you may have missed
  3. Get another match now with someone online
Top In-App Purchases:
  1. Buy 5 Crowns$4.99
  2. Once Infinite – Sales$9.99
  3. Buy 5 Crowns$9.99
  4. Buy 5 Crowns$5.99
  5. Buy 15 Crowns$14.99
  6. Buy 30 Crowns$24.99
  7. Plan 1$1.99
  8. Once Infinite$19.99
  9. Buy 5 Crowns$4.99
  10. Buy 15 Crowns$19.99

Once Dating App

Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish Free to get Once Dating App IOS version from iTunes. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. And Offers Apple Watch App for iPhone. Free to get Once dating App Android version from Google Play