Pinalove Review

With technology being so common these days, it’s never been easier to communicate with potential romantic partners from other countries, and that includes most, if not all Asian countries. Dating sites exist for just about any taste imaginable, and these cultures are no exception.

The site today focuses on one facet of Asian culture, specifically Filipinos. Pinalove is a relatively straightforward dating site, offering traditional options for reaching out & finding members. While the site itself is aimed at long-term relationships & marriage, reviews tend to indicate that more folks use it as a hookup platform than a marriage arrangement tool. I’ll kick things off with the signup process for those interested in joining 

Pinalove App and Site Review

Signup for Pinalove is about 2 minutes long, during which you’ll add a few photos, along with entering typical information like age, gender, & dating preferences. The site also asks about your fluency in Filipino, which can really make or break the luck you’ll have when meeting new people. You’ll then enter a brief bio before wrapping the process up.

Once you’re officially on the site, making contact with members is pretty easy. If you’re not looking to pay, you can only send a new message every ten minutes or so. While this can be frustrating, there’s no limit to the length of the messages, so if you treat this more like an email thread, you can have full-length conversations no problem.

If you’re looking for a more full-bodied features list, we’d probably suggest paying for the premium membership. This not only takes the restrictions off of the site’s base features but also opens up new options like live video chats. Something that’s also both worth mentioning & slightly odd is that, if you decide to download the app & create your profile from your phone, the upgrade options actually become cheaper? We’re not sure why, and we couldn’t find a proper explanation, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks, this might be a “pro tip.”

An interesting part of Pinalove is that it does a great job of catering to the trans community, almost by default. As surprising as it sounds for a country that’s so heavily Christian (Catholic, to be specific), the Philippines also happens to be incredibly accepting to LGBTQ+ community, with yearly festivals, pageants, & parades being held throughout the country.  There’s even pending legislation in the country that aims to ban discrimination regarding these preferences & lifestyles. Due to this cultural nuance, Pinalove is the perfect hub for people living these alternative lifestyles.