Project Fixup Review

On Project Fixup online dating, there are no public profiles, no browsing, no searching and no messages. You meet people rather than profiles. Just create an account and answer some questions and the site’s real human matchmakers will do the last.

Real human matchmaker
There is an actual human who will look at your profile and your preferences and, just like a real matchmaker, finds you a suitable potential match and sets you up on a blind date. The matchmaker coordinates the date, time and location.

Online swiping, messaging and flirting are all nice and pleasure, but what about when you want to actually go out to meet someone new for a date in person? Just give Project Fixup, the Chicago based online dating site, a try. “Project Fixup is known for creating tailored dates that enable people with similar interests to do something fun together in the real world,” explained Sarah Press, co-founder and CEO of Project Fixup, in an announcement.

Project Fixup PokeDates

In 2016, Project fixup offers a specialty themed fixup: PokéDates! Project fixup pokedates has been created to help single “Pokémon Go” players to meet up and find love while catching Pokémon. Pokémon Go maybe the perfect first dating idea: you’re out in the real world and on an exciting date with another Pokémon lover. PokéDates’ matchmakers certainly take the pressure off finding the perfect setting and activity for the first date.

“PokeDates” Project fixup are matched based on your dating preferences and a mutual desire to play Pokémon Go. After a match is made, it will arrange a best PokéStop adjacent park, bars, coffee shops, and other venues meeting point at mutually convenient time and you can star exploring the city and hunting, training, and battling together on Pokémon GO.

But at the moment, Project fixup PokéDates are only being activated in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. And all of PokéDates and fixups are one-on-one.

Project Fixup Cost and Coupon

Your first date from Project fixup is free with the promo code “POKEDATES2016” , each date after that is $20, no subscription or hidden fees. There’s no cost to sign up and complete the questionnaire and receive fixup proposals. You will only be charged when you and your match confirm a proposed.

The fixup fee covers the work of finding the person and location and arranging all the date details. You pay for any costs associated with the date, such as drinks at the bar or lucky eggs in the park.

And you also can earn free dates by inviting your friends to Project fixup. Each your friend gets $20 for his first fixup, and for every friend who signs up you get $20 for your next fixup.

How Project Fixup Works

There are five steps to start a date.

Step 1: Looking For

Set your preference of you match, like sexual orientation, age, height, ethnicity, religion, education, what are your fixup weaknesses(e.g., guys with strong arms, girls who love football) and what are your fixup deal breakers (e.g., someone who is ultra conservative, a bleeding heart liberal, a Duke fan).

Step 2: Select Themes

Just select the types of fixup you’d like to go on. From coffee, whiskey, craft beer, craft cocktails, desserts, mystery, dive bars to the most popular thing: PokéDates.

Step 3: Your Interests

Just tell something about yourself: who you are, what you’re looking for, and what things you like to do, watch, read, listen to, etc.?

Step 4: Add Photos

Upload at least 3 photos of yourself.

Step 5: Final Details

Provide your full name, cell phone number to receive SMS messages, occupation and location.

Project Fixup Match

Project Fixup pairs up applicants, and arranges a time and location to for you two to meet up and start a date. Once you have been matched, you will receive an email with all the details of your date, including a paragraph about your potential match, time and location to meet. If everything looks good for you, it’s just a few clicks to confirm and the date is one.