Raya Review

Raya is an exclusive Tinder-style dating app for celebrities and influencers. It wants to offer a comfortable and private platform for people in creative industries to connect romantically or, to collaborate on work related projects. You must have a profession or some form of career that’s worth bragging about.

Given its private community nature, it is no doubts that the dating app is mostly for rich and famous people. Famous nightclub DJ, advertising executive, international model, performer, musician or record label boss are in their mission for love on this app.  Every single profile you will find on Raya is undoubtedly hot and attractive.

Raya was co-created by Jesse Johnson, the half-brother of 50 Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson. Raya is open for everyone; no matter you are gay or lesbian, as long as you are popular. It is NOT a cheap and easy hook-up app.

Celebrities on Raya

Among the celebs said to have been spotted on Raya are include Demi Lovato, Stephanie Beatriz, Grace Parra, Trevor Noah, Kelly Osbourne, Amy Schumer, Moby, and Chelsea Handler.


Users are punished for leaks on Raya. Raya has a strict commitment to privacy in order to keep it a safe and exclusive space. You are discouraged to talk about the people you see on the app. If you try to take a screenshot of a profile, you’ll get with an alert warning. And if the photos show up online, you’ll be booted from the app.
Official Website: rayatheapp.com

Raya APP Download

Languages: English

Free to get Raya Dating APP IOS version from Apple Store.
Raya Dating APP Android version is not available.

Raya Dating APP Review – how Raya works

Join and profile

You need to sign up Raya dating app with your Instagram account. But it is no guarantee that you will in. You have to get an approval.

There is completely secret and anonymous committee grants permission for members to join and review your sign up application. Your Instagram followers’ numbers and overall influence is the key. And you have higher chances of getting accepted if you were referred by someone who is already on the app: the Instagram influence of who recommended you application and how many active Raya members follow you on Instagram.

This means not everyone can join Raya. However, some Raya members with a small Instagram followings are also in there. Your profile is irrevocably linked to your Instagram accounts. This makes sure that people in the profiles are legit and trustworthy.

Rather than a general dating profile display on other dating app, Raya pulls photos from your Instagram and make a straightforward profile with a modest bunch of these photographs, then lets you pick a song to run with them, and then presents it slideshow-style to whoever’s checking you out.

Raya APP Match

Unlike on most other dating, there is no algorithm to match two people by filters, for example, location, sexual preference, hobbies and career goals. You are almost swaying randomly to get a match. When you match with someone on Raya— meaning you’ve both liked each other— then you have the ability to message, and their Instagram automatically populate on your feed.


Subscription fee for Raya dating app is truly cheap.

  1. 1 month membership for $7.99
  2. 3 month membership for $23.99
  3. 6 month membership for $29.99