Rude Finder Review

Have you ever heard of If not, you’ll know what it is pretty soon because I’m covering all you need to know right now. I’ll start off by saying that Rude Finder is a hookup site that’s all about NSA interactions with hot local singles.

After we finished setting our profile up, we encountered a barrage of messages & “winks.” This was especially strange because we hadn’t really put much information into our profiles. We hadn’t even uploaded any images. Usually, this is a sign that something fishy is afoot. once we read the terms of service, we discovered that there definitely was.

Like many of the hookup sites found online nowadays, Rude Finder employs something they call “virtual cupids,” site employees that interact with other paying members. This is primarily done as a way for users to feel like there’s a lot of action on the site, but can sometimes feel deceptive.

Rudefinder claims that this is purely for entertainment purposes…but we’re not so sure. What we will say is that these falsified users are required to tell you if they’re not legitimate, so as long as you ask, you should be fine.

Rude Finder is unfortunately pay-to-play, with their pricing being some of the steepest we’ve seen. A single month’s worth of site usage is going to cost potential members around $35. Sure, the pricing gets easier on your wallet with the larger the time commitment you make, frankly, there isn’t enough content that we see being offered by Rude Finder to justify such a steep cost.

A word of warning: if you want to cancel your subscription, make sure you do it at least a few days before the next billing cycle. user reviews are littered with complaints about being charged when they’d already canceled.

Our final complaint with Rude Finder is that an overwhelming amount of its former users claim that they had a heck of time deleting their profile and shutting down their accounts. This can sometimes be because the site wants to retain the look of a large userbase. Other times, it’s frustrating because it doesn’t enable users to maintain privacy once they’ve found someone.

We recommend you stay far away from Rude Finder. There’s a distinct lack of honesty & safety that makes us concerned about its overall quality.