Review is a niche rich dating site to meet aspiring women or date successful men. Founded in 2007 by Brandon Wade, he also runs some popular rich men dating websites, like (one of the most famous sugar daddy dating site), (beautiful female travel for free with generous men), (wealthy men bid for dating a beautiful woman) and of course,

But unlike allows any sorts of arrangement or relationships with benefit, is for singles only, and for elite people who really want to find a romantic relationship or mutual beneficial and fulfilling relationships.

Reliability and Authenticity are highly valued by SeekingMillionaire

As it promise on the website: NO GOLD DIGGERS ALLOWED! Prostitution and ESCORT are also prohibited. SeekingMillionaire does not allow any cheaters, spammer or harass to pose a threat to other members and they delete and suspend and malicious members.


A user’s account is typically suspended for one of the following reasons: a violation of terms of use, or triggered the automated security system. SeekingMillionaire‘s automated system is calibrated to detect multiple kinds of threats using various criteria. It is designed to protect members from malicious users. All suspended accounts will be reviewed by a member of SeekingMillionaire team within 24 hours of suspension. SeekingMillionaire has a fairly strict profile moderation policy, meaning that half empty, or otherwise suspicious looking profiles will likely be deleted.

Anti Spamming

An account can be flagged for spamming if, for example, a user sends the same message to everyone, sends a suspiciously excessive number of winks, offers, or messages in a 24-hour period, or exceeds the daily messaging limit.

No Fake Photo or Profile

It is free to sign up with email. But you should make it clear exactly who you are: a wealthy member or an attractive member. Wealthy member pampers attractive member in return for companionship and attractive member provides companionship in exchange for being pampered.

You must complete your profile to and being review to prove your profile is real, after this you can interact and communicate with other members. Be careful to be honest and thorough as you fill out your profile because it will be manually reviewing to ensure you are not a fake. This is aim to help avoiding spammers and faker.

Photo is reviewed manually so include a real photo of yourself and make sure it is not offend, so is what you are looking for and the personal description. Costs

Like many other niche online dating site, is free to join and most of the time, must pay to use. But if you are in college, you can get a free premium membership to use.

There are two memberships: Standard Membership and Premium Membership. Once you complete your profile, you will become a standard member and standard membership is free. To become a premium member, with more features, you will need to pay some money.

For Members with Standard Membership:

  1. Can use all of basic search features (including searching for Certified Members or Background Checked Members)
  2. Must have at least one public profile picture to send and receive messages and Winks
  3. Seen as a Standard Member in searches

For Members with Premium Membership:

  1. Are seen as Featured Members on site
  2. Able to send messages and Winks
  3. Have the option of keeping all photos private while still accessing mailbox
  4. Hide online status, join date, and last login country
  5. Can use Basic and Advanced search features
  6. Highlighted orange profile in searches
  7. Background Checked, Verified Identity & Net-Worth

There are a bit different between wealthy member and attractive member. If you sign up as a wealthy member, you have limits on your conversation unless your become a premium Member, and the premium membership prices for wealthy member is higher than for attractive member.

Free Premium membership for College Students

To be upgraded to a free College account, you should change your email address to your university email address that ends in .edu. You will then receive a new account activation email. Once activated, your upgrade will be reflected on your next login. However some university may have specific usage restrictions and consequences relating to their email system.