There are so many dating apps and websites that try to take advantage of consumers. Many of them pose as being linked to famous social media platforms. It’s pretty common to find these new apps, perhaps even on a daily basis. Another thing worth noting…I’ve come across a ton of dating sites that attempt to use the term “snap” in their name. Most of the sites that do this are simply piggybacking off of the original Snapchat site. SextSnap (not to be confused with is trying to profit off the mega brand and it should come as no surprise that most of the sites are not that effective.

Heck, they aren’t even real at times. As soon as I came across, I knew it was my personal obligation to reveal everything that this site does to try and get you to register and pay for a membership.

SextSnap didn’t have the pleasure of convincing me to pay to join. I simply did so that I would be able to share my personal experiences testing the website out during my investigation.

SextSnap App Screenshot

My SextSnap App Review (Member Report)

Let me start by giving you a quick rundown of things that you can expect to run into when joining this so-called sexting app and Snapchatting site. Also, please note that this criteria list is used to rate dating companies and it’s taken very seriously when reviewing

  • Ridiculous email notifications almost instantly
  • Virtual Profiles
  • Hired Contractors
  • Unverified Images Stolen From Sites
  • Shady Terms
  • Fake Stats (My Opinion)
  • Bad Customer Support

Those things listed are only a few of the things that I was able to discover while testing out the site. Allow me to dive into each and every one of these right now. I’ll start with the terms and conditions.

Shady Terms

First off, I believe the site attempts to get you to feel comfortable by adding the “Sign Up With Facebook” option. This is a way to make you feel as though they have their shit together and that it’s easily integrated with Facebook. I personally never recommend joining any dating site using the Facebook option, especially this site!

Anyway, if you look closely at the bottom of the reg form, you will come across the following statement:

“By submitting this form you certify you are 18 years or older, you agree to our terms & conditions, privacy policy and to receive email account updates and special offers targeted to your interests, sent to you by

This is you basically agreeing to everything and anything that they want you to agree to in their terms. It’s important that you take a look at those terms because that’s where you will find all the legal jargon and hidden messages that they don’t want you to ever read. Let me just say that the terms are really shady, in my personal opinion. Take a look at them if you wish. Just keep reading and you’ll know what’s shady about them.

Virtual Profiles Are Used

Within the terms, you will find a special red highlighted snippet of various text. This is where they explain a few shady tactics. One of which mentions fantasy profile interactions. Section 8 of the terms states that uses fake or virtual profiles. Please note, these are the same as those used on

They are said to be associated with the “Virtual Profile” (VP) service. Sure, these profiles are clearly marked as being fake or virtual but they aren’t going to help you hook up, so why bother using them?

Another kicker here is that the terms state that the site may have multiple virtual profiles of the same fake user. Sounds to me like the site is swimming with fake users!

Email Notifications

Once you register, you will notice that your profile will be bombarded with email notifications. More often than not, these are notifications letting you know that a fake or virtual profile is messaging you. If you haven’t filled out your profile or even added a photo, chances are it’s a fake user contacting you. There’s nothing worse than getting an email inbox full of messages that won’t lead to you getting laid.


This leads me to the contractors that are being hired to communicate with you on the site. That’s exactly right! In section 8.2 of the terms, the SextSnap site stats that they use third party contractors, as well as, auto-generated messages.

They are simply for entertainment only, but I thought the entertainment was hooking up and having casual sex, not snapping back and forth with a paid worker!

Stolen Pics

If you take a close look at the site and even run it through a reverse image program you’ll soon realize that many of the profiles have been taken from other adult sites. Not adult dating web sites but more like sex video based sites.

They rip these images without consent, I’m almost positive on that. For example, the company has ripped a Phoenix Marie photo from Wikimedia and I’m sure more. See the screenshot below for proof. stolen images proof

Fake Stats

If you take a look at the homepage it says that they have 1,000,000 active monthly users and 110,000,000 chats each month.

I’m sorry, but for a site that’s so small, I just don’t buy it! I personally feel that they are not telling the truth here. I would have to say that most of those users are likely fake. That’s just my personal opinion.

Bad Customer Service

Any dating company that doesn’t have a valid phone number on the site is complete shit (as far as I’m concerned). This company has an icon on the homepage showing phone support, yet they offer no phone number to call? Sounds like top-notch support to me! Pffff!

Company Info

If you want to contact the company, here is all the information that you’ll need in order to reach them. I suggest you cancel your membership right away. Worst case, call your credit card company and they will help you out.

The company is based in Delaware and it’s hard as heck to get anywhere legally with a Deleware corp. That’s likely why they have strategically set things up there.

19C Troley SQ
Wilmington, DE


No Phone Support

Conclusion: Isn’t Worth It

I’ve been using many Snapchat style dating sites and I can say that this one is definitely not one that you want to waste time joining. Based on the price alone, which is $6 for a 3-day trial, $35 for monthly renewing membership and $70 for a 180-day membership, it’s not worth it. Having said that, I’ve got some recommendations for you to think about as an alternative. Check out the URLs below and read those reviews first.