SingleParentMeet Review

Guess what, I’m not a single parent, but I like dating moms. That said, I have to hand it to SingleParentMeet. They are unique among most sites. They actually have their own little video intro to draw you into their site and it’s not bad. The video starts playing the moment you type in the URL. It’s made well and it’s even kind of touching.

Sadly, this is the most entertainment you will get out of this dating site. I hate to burst your bubble but you most likely aren’t going to find single women to date. Sure, they exist but it takes a ton of effort to meet anyone on Singleparentmeet.

Check out the review I wrote below. I left no stone unturned here. I’m so into mature moms that I’ll do anything to meet a hot single mommy. Joining this site was just one of many steps. Learn everything that I know about the site.

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My SingleParentMeet Site Review After Joining This Site

Moms and single dads, please be don’t let the cute little video at SingleParentMeet fool you even for a second. Honestly, they do a few things that I typically categorize as being unethical.

They are just another mediocre to bad. Sure, the site owners do put a lot more effort into operating this site versus traditional scams, but they are still full of crap and scam users that join this site.

It is also quite a bit cheaper than other scam sites I regularly encounter, but you are automatically charged for the following month if you don’t cancel in time. I’m not mad about the auto-billing that much. I would not care one bit if it actually got me laid.

On a brighter note, I was impressed with how much incentive they present you to join, but that only means that they are good at enticing new visitors to join.

If you want proof that they are an untrustworthy dating site (besides this review), all you have to do is read and fully understand the site terms and conditions. Checking the fine print is important because this is where they hide the legal jargon that they don’t want you to understand or read.

The main scamming practice admitted in their terms is re-purposing member profiles across their network. They use your profile information and pictures on other websites owned by their parent company.

This means that your profile is displayed on other dating websites without being maintained by you. It’s an effort to populate their member’s area and give the illusion of having a lot of users on all their websites.

Many of the profiles on SingleParentMeet have to be re-purposed and duplicate profiles from other sites to fool you as well. I did find this site to be a refreshing change to other scams because they try a little harder and I did actually talk to some real women. However, the women were few and far between and I never got close to finding a date.

Messaging Single Parents For Sex

Another thing that was different about the Single Parent Meet app and site from other niche dating site scams, is that I didn’t receive a bunch of fake messages. I did get messages from women who were slightly unattractive, but I was the one that was not interested.

There are not as many women, in general, as I have seen on other dating sites. That said, there were not very many parents to choose from in my area. In their defense, I was a bit picky and did not get any answers. I only ended up messaging a few and that whole process kind of fizzled out.

Phone Calls With Single Moms

I wish that all the time I spent on had resulted in at least one phone call to talk about, but it did not.

It’s not a complete waste of the money that you spend for a membership, but you are likely to spend a lot of time on the site with very little results. There are a lot of sites out there that are a lot worse than this one, but that is not necessarily a reason to sign up.

The Date Night

It goes without saying that the first meeting never happened for me. I got all dressed up with nowhere to go. It’s most likely because none of the experiences on the site even resulted in a phone call. It is not impossible to find someone to date on this site, but your chances aren’t great.

It could possibly grow in numbers eventually and become a good dating site, but they are definitely not there yet. They are certainly not on the right track if they are duplicating your photographs, personal profile information, descriptions, preferences, and communications on all their other sites. This is a huge problem for me.

How To Cancel Your Account

Another feature that sets this site apart from other scam sites is that they show you clearly how to cancel. You will still want to cancel, but at least they make it easy. Just click on Settings by your username.

Click on “My Account” in the drop-down menu. Locate “Account Status” then click “View Account Status.” From there you click on “More Account Status Changes” and click “Remove Automatic Renewal.”

They even give you the option to remove your profile. Just follow the same steps, but on the “More Account Status Changes,” you click “Remove My Profile.”

Contact Information


8300 Douglas Ave.

Suite 800

Dallas, TX 75225


P.O. Box 12627

Dallas, TX 75225




Conclusion: SingleParentMeet Won’t Help You Meet Anyone (Most Likely)

As far as their scamming practices go, SingleParentMeet is better than most scam sites I have seen, but they still scam people. It might grow into a great niche dating site someday, but that day is not likely to come for a while.

There’s plenty of established single-parent dating sites out there to choose from. I’ve joined many dating sites that encourage single parents to join if they want to meet for casual sex.

Those are the types of sites that you want to join, not a mainstream style, data duplicating site like Single Parent Meet.