Skout Review

Designed to serve singles on the go, the Skout app is a fun and easy-to-use mobile product for chatting, meeting new friends and setting up first dates. User-friendly and spread over 100 countries, Skout offers the ability to connect with people regardless of location.

Whether you’re enjoying a drink at Times Square in NYC or attending a concert in Paris, this mobile app will help you to meet new people whenever you go out. With this app, members can get in touch with people from around the world, share photos, send gifts, and embark on the greatest adventures.

Offering action-packed in-app features, it revolutionizes the way single people meet online. Sure, it’s a great app for those that just want to meet new people, but is it good for sexting with locals?

Skout Dating

My Skout App Review After Testing It Out

By using the free app, members can meet new friends from their mobiles or tablets. In order to install the app, wannabe members need to browse to the main website at and open their free account.

After registering on the main website, users can create their dating profiles and use the app. Members using Android need to go to Google Play and download the app from there, while iPhone users need to open this iTunes page and search for Skout. After successfully downloading the app, members can log-in with their credentials and start using the app.

The Skout app is compatible with all mobile and tablet devices. I’ve personally tested it using the iPad and iTunes app. It’s easy to spend time connecting with members in your city. You can easily scroll through photos of users that might be willing to meet up with you.

Good & Bad Mobile App Features

Skout’s in-app features are easy-to-use and help members get in touch with people from all around the globe. Members can share photos, chat, send notes and gifts to other members, search for local singles, tour and connect with members abroad, and enter their own search parameters.

One of the main perks in the “Shake” feature where users need to literally shake their phone to activate the feature. The feature connects members with other people who are into random chatting.

The “Meet” feature shows pictures of users who live in close proximity and want to meet up off-app. The Buzz feature is a photostream that shares members’ pictures and updates to people who live nearby.

Main Reasons To Join (Or Avoid)

There are thousands of reasons for joining Skout. Although having a young user base of members as young as teens, the app offers two communities, one for adults and others for teenagers. I strongly believe that if you’re not 18, you shouldn’t be using it, period!

Members of these communities can only get in touch with people close to their age. Members are not asked to provide detailed personal info to other users, except age and gender. This can be a problem because the company doesn’t know who you really are.

Even though the app doesn’t collect a lot of personal info, Skout security takes safety quite seriously. They encourage all members to read the Skout app safety tips before moving forward with meeting someone in person.

The service does monitor user activities and it does not tolerate any inappropriate behavior. What does this mean? Well, it means that the app may not be the best choice if you want to send dirty messages to local girls.

In fact, about 40,000 devices get banned each month for violating the Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policies. On Skout, users will find a safe and enjoyable environment, free of offensive messages and photos, fabricated profiles, spams or solicitation, and copyright infringement.

All members that come across any inappropriate user behavior can file a report by contacting support. These reports are typically addressed within 12 hours or less by community managers.

If you’re traveling, then you can try this app to connect with other vagabonds. I personally have tried many while traveling. I don’t prefer this one over others listed here.

Prices To Join The App

Although it’s is available for free, the app offers additional subscription packages. Skout Premium is available for $9.99 for a one-month service, $24.99 for three months, and $69.99 for a 12-month package.

Furthermore, to see who checked your profile, who added you to their favorites list, or to buy gifts and send greetings, members need to spend points. 500 points cost $4.99 but they can be earned by downloading apps or inviting friends.

Conclusion: Skout Dating Network Works

Although Skout does need to make some improvements, the app is still fun to use. Members also need to keep in mind that Skout is more of an online social networking app rather than a local dating app. While it can most certainly help users find a partner, they are encouraged to not let this app be their only option.

Overall, this connects its members to people from all around the world, helping them build a social network of like-minded people to hang out with. As for living up to being a sex app with hook up capabilities, I’d err on the side of caution when sending any at all, to be honest. It’s more mainstream than anything so it seems.