Smeeters Review

Smeeters is a social group blind online dating site/app that matches 2 groups of friends: 2 guys & 2 girls or 3 guys & 3 girls (or girls & girls or guys & guys) over drinks. It sells itself as a great way to expand your social circle and meet new people, rather than a dating website or social network. The main user of Smeeters concentrated in Europe, especially in London and Paris.

Smeeters will match another group with your group based on your request form and original a bar that fits the preferences of the two groups, and keep the identities as a mystery until the actual meeting. The best thing about Smeeters is the group blind dating arrangement is real easy, unlike other online dating sites or meet-up groups, you don’t have to spend hours creating and reviewing profile, Smeeters will do that for you base your taste.

Smeeters is a group blind dating platform; your group may meet other great group, but also may be in the reverse, a terrible group. Anyway, it is still a great way to meet and know new people in the reality and experience something new.

Smeeters Review – How does Smeeters Works?

Sign up

Sign up for free via Facebook, and only via Facebook, and then provide your e-mail and location. Mobile phone, study and work information are not must be filled, if you do not want to provide, just click next. Facebook enables Smeeters to check if you have any mutual friends on Facebook before matching groups up.

Group match

Then complete your taste of ideals anther meet-up group form, like age, lifestyle, background, interests, expectations and more. The preferences you list in your profile will enable Smeeters to find ideal groups with whom your group is likely to enjoy a fun evening. You then invite one or two friends to come and join you on a group date and choose the available day.


Groups meet-up

Once your membership request has been accepted and validated, a few days before the meeting day you will receive an email with all the need-to-know details and the name of the ‘leader’ of the other group. Smeeters will reserve a table or an area in a bar for you; it will take into account two groups’ location and find an original bar that fits the preferences of the group, but more likely in the city centre.

Smeeters Cost

£15 per person. This fee includes the first drink on the night and then it’s up to you where and how the night ends up.

Smeeters App

Smeeters app is only available in France at this moment, free to download from Apple Store.