SpeedDate Review

Speed dating has become popular today, especially in places like New York City and Boston. SpeedDate definitely lives up to its name. It’s hard to keep up it’s so fast sometimes. It’s a cool concept, but does it really work?

I did my research and I’m honestly not sure if it works or not. They do use a lot of tactics that many dating sites, more specifically, speed dating companies use. Things like sending automated messages. These can get confusing when there are multiple speed date windows popping up at once on your browser.

You end up spending time on a user that turns out to be a mock user, resulting in the loss of opportunity to talk to a real person. Finding real people on Speeddate takes extra effort if there are any real ones in the first place.

speeddate online review

Screenshot of the Speed Date Homepage

My Official Speeddate Review Experience

This Speed dating site focuses on chat as the main objective and presents many questions to determine your matches. The main feature of SpeedDate is the 5-minute speed date sessions where you have that specific amount of time to choose and interact with different matches that pop up. The bad thing about this is that the users you’re chatting with might in fact be fake.

The first thing you must do is lower your expectations if you hope to talk to any real girls in the time that you have. You can click through several profiles at random or click on the those that SpeedDate suggests as matches for you.

It seems like a great site feature at first. Being able to match you up with people who have common interests in great. However, I found that it didn’t really work all that effectively. I was skeptical when a lot of the potential dates that popped up did not fit my criteria.

They appear to be much more random than the service wants you to believe. What I typically look for is someone looking to meet in person for sex. I don’t like to get too personal with them since I’m not looking for a wife or longterm girlfriend.

As you start using the site, you’ll notice that the speed dates start pouring. This happens the moment that you sign in to the site. You have no way to control how many come in at once, so you can never get it down to a manageable level.

There is a pause feature on the site to keep the speed date windows from popping up so you can take a breath, but it never seems to work. The windows just keep coming.

With the combination of computer-generated messages and the site’s main features not working properly, I suggest you move on to another dating site. There are much better sites out there that get real results.


You don’t get messages at SpeedDate as you would on any traditional dating site if you don’t pay for a membership. If you don’t pay for a membership; the site chooses your matches for you and won’t let you send a chat request either.

An animated woman pops up to interrupt you constantly and tries to get you to pay. Another way they take your money besides membership fees is making you pay a dollar a month to keep your profile verified and prove you are real. It’s just too much of a mess to trust it if you have to pay.

Phone Calls

If you are not really picky about who you interact with, you might actually get to the phone call stage when you use SpeedDate. The odds are in your favor because so many requests come flying at you.

The sad thing is that you never know which is real and which is not and you too often bark up the wrong tree by interacting with a fake person while the real ones move on.

First Meeting

If you have infinite patience, a lot of time, and a lot of money; you could possibly reach the first meeting at SpeedDate but it’s not likely.

There is just too much going on and you are put in a state of confusion each time you try to use the site. If they got it under control and stopped the fake profiles and computer-generated communications, it might be a decent site to play around with.

Delete Your Speeddate Account (Instructions)

If you try SpeedDate.com and you’ve had enough of the quick pace or fake messages, you can cancel. You can e-mail their support team about canceling.

Another thing you can do is call their toll free customer service number listed in the Support section of the site. You can cancel your recurring payment, but you cannot delete your profile. Once you enter it on their site; they take it and use it.

Contact Information


Speeddate.com, LLC

8300 Douglas Avenue

Dallas, Texas 75225






Is Speeddate.com Free?

Yes, it’s free to initially register for the site.

Does the Speeddate app for Android work as well as the iOS app? 

I like to think that the Android app is just as stable and effective (if you call it that) as the iOS app. You’ll have to give it a shot yourself to truly determine if that’s the case. There are literally tons of hook up apps you can try if this one doesn’t suit your needs.

What questions should I ask? 

Do you want me to go on the date for you too? Nope, not a chance buddy. Just ask whatever you think is appropriate to ask. Just remember that your limit on time is short.

Conclusion: The Messages And Profiles Make It Difficult To Recommend

After taking into consideration all the criteria we use for rating networks, we cannot recommend this. Speeddate has a concept that seems like it’s going to be a great one until you try it for yourself.

Actually trying it shows that it’s just a bunch of confusion with a lot of fake messages and profiles floating around. Some of the best dating app features don’t even work.

If this site hopes to be a viable one in the online dating industry, they are going to have to tighten up their features and get rid of the false communications.