Sugar Daddy Dating Apps

Powerful men love to take control of their romantic lives, just like they do with the rest of their lives. And in a culture like ours, where wealth is a huge determinant in power & influence, it’d make sense that these men would want to try and use their clout to find a romantic situation that’s just right for their lifestyle.

On the flip side, attractive women tend to be clever themselves. They know that their looks are a gift that, along with some social savvy can net them a lifestyle free of financial burdens. So it’s only reasonable that they use their “talents” to meet a man that can provide them with a fairytale existence.

But regardless of which of these categories you fall into, it’s likely that you’ve come across hundreds of different sites online claiming to provide matchmaking services for these sorts of romantic sugar baby/daddy arrangements. that’s why we put this list together, to help people like yourself navigate these choppy waters. So, what are you waiting for, get to reading!


Sugar Daddy Dating App Options

Here’s a list of some of the most popular sugar daddy hookup networks running today. I’ve covered them in as much detail as possible, kicking things off with the What’s Your Price app.


Our first arrangement-based site is What’s Your Price, one that offers a novel spin on the concept by offering connections via bids, almost like eBay.

Upon first entering the site, you’re greeted by a modern looking layout comprised of blues, whites, & reds. Considering how money-centric What’s Your Price is, it’s no wonder they went with such a patriotic color scheme. Signup is easy from this point, just clicking a few links and adding some personal details. You’ll also need to add which you’re looking to do, bid on dates or get offered bids yourself. This is pretty important, so make sure you read the fine print as you make you’re way through this part.

Once you’ve got things going, you’ll start then attempting to offer bids to those who you find attractive. This is the primary component of finding dates, and what you offer is going to determine what you get in return.

Something we’re especially keen on regarding What’s Your Price is that they’re quite dedicated to keeping escorts off of their site. They pride themselves on being strictly a dating service and refuse to permit anyone selling sex-based services to use their site for this purpose. In an age where sites like this are constantly hijacked for other means, it’s comforting to see that What’s Your Price takes the problem (and it’s user’s safety) seriously.

Another strong component of What’s Your Price is their blog, which seems to be fairly regularly updated. A particularly helpful post was a tutorial on how to go about bidding for your first date. The bidding framework takes some getting used to, considering how different it is from more traditional approaches, so it’s nice that they went the extra step to make users feel comfortable.

All in all, Name Your Price is a stripped-down, straightforward site that makes finding arranged relationships a breeze. Due to the nature of the site, it’s also completely free for base-level memberships. We definitely recommend you give it a shot.


Next up we’ve got Sugar Daddy Today, a (mostly) free site that offers basic date arrangement services.

Our first gripe with Sugar Daddy Today is that their design & layout are severely outdated, making for an antiquated look. One of the first things we look for in a site is the quality of its design, since its such an easy metric of site quality overall, at least a fair amount of the time. Along with this, poor site design can be offputting to members, effecting overall enjoyment.

Next, we went ahead & got registered, which was an overall painless process, entering things such as email, chosen password, and personal details. You can upload up to 10 photos, as well as specify what you’re looking for before getting onto the site’s main page.

Once you’re there, you’ve got a few options moving forward. You can message other members, add favorite profiles to your “hot list”, check your inbox, or search for new possible partners. While not the flashiest options, they’re certainly enough to find a connection or two.

If you’re looking to upgrade your experience, you can also choose to purchase a membership. At just $7 a month, it’s super reasonable and offers a lot of added functionality, including custom search parameters & better overall placement in member searches.

Customer service is a high point for Sugar Daddy Today, thanks to their crack online team. Reviews tend to give this part of the site glowing reviews, with responses typically being received within a few short hours.

At the end of the day, the experience offered by Sugar Daddy Today is overall solid. Despite it’s few flaws, they offer a decent service that’s delightfull free of ads or spam. Definitely worth a look.


Our third online location today is Sugar Daddy Meet, a site that sets its sights on attracting what they’d consider being a “classier” clientele, including successful men with high-profile careers & attractive young women. If you’re someone considered affluent, they’d definitely consider you a proper fit.

Site design is pretty standard if a little plain.  Plain white background with mostly black text, & little in the way of images or obvious designs. While sometimes this can be a negative, with Sugar Daddy Meet, it makes the site easier to navigate.

Signup is a bit more intensive than some sites, asking for things like a profile headline, a couple of paragraphs describing yourself, along with more common details such as age & sexual proclivities. Setup is linked to Facebook as well, so it’s pretty easy to get your pictures switched over. verification is done via SMS message & email.

Like the first site on our list, Sugar Daddy Meet runs a blog that seems to have a lot of traffic. Something we dig about this blog is that they’ve managed to keep posts that are tailored for both men and women. Sometimes sugar baby culture ends up catering more towards wealthy men, but on Sugar Daddy Meet it seems to be more 50/50.

Sugar Daddy meet also offers some less traditional features, such as “Let’s Meet”, which is a random chat generator, connecting members who are online & looking to have a fun, “spur of the moment” experience.

Sugar Daddy Meet is yet another decent choice for finding this sort of specialized partner. they boast close to 2 million members in the United States, & provide a dependable product that’s great for even the least Internet-savvy among us.


Mutual Arrangements has been running since 2007 but has been on the decline in recent years, assumedly because the site’s only accessible from desktop PCs, and doesn’t work well on mobile devices.

Registration is done in a snap, with members filling out basic info along with a list of preferences. While they don’t demand much right away, we’d definitely recommend adding to your profile if you’re serious about finding someone, as most of the member profiles we checked out were pretty extensive.

Functions on Mutual Arrangement are limited, with “winks” available in addition to a favorites list and the ability to send simple text messages.

Something that bothered us as we used the site was that we were constantly pressured to upgrade to a deluxe membership, something that’s almost assuredly driven by their dwindling user base. Unfortunately for Mutual Arrangements, trying to solicit funds at every turn isn’t the way to build an online community.

While the site itself hounds you for money, it does keep your experience clear of spambots & advertising for third-parties, which we did appreciate. They claim to do this to build member confidence in their services, and we’d definitely have to agree that it does just that.

Mutual Arrangements also shines in the security department, doing their darndest to make sure data is kept safe & secure. the site uses state-of-the-art technology & encryption methods to ensure that they stay true to their word. They’ve even got a customer service department that offers live representatives 24/7, a feature that few sites like this provide.

All in all, Mutual Arrangements definitely isn’t the worst site we’ve come across for sugar daddy/baby relationships. if the other sites on this list don’t get you where you need to be, this makes for a solid fourth option.