Sweatt App Review

Tinder + Class Pass=Sweatt, a free dating app for fitness Community. The fitness-focused dating app can perfectly let you workout and date at the same time. A first date comes with hiking or taking a class together or other a physical activity, instead of dinner and drinks. Fitness has gone from becoming fit to a culture and a lifestyle.

Still Spending time ogling other people’s bodies?
Want to meet someone who shares your healthy lifestyle at the gym?
Is it really easy to meet people with a shared mindset at the gym?
Perhaps it is not.

People often workout using headphones or watching their phone. And the most general thing is you just see the same guy every day. So, maybe it is time to give Sweatt a try.

Match by Fitness Style

Basically, Sweatt matches people based on typical criteria: age, gender, sexual orientation, location and appearance, but the most amazing is Sweatt matches your prospective partners based on your niche exercise practices: workout routines, frequency and time, so as the diets and favorite classes or activities.

Yoga lovers meet only other yogis, CrossFitters only other CrossFitters and Paleos only other Paleos? No!
Bicycle, yoga, marathon, swimming, dance, CrossFit…….. You don’t have to love the same kinds of fitness, just need to understand a shared lifestyle and a mindset: a commitment to fitness, which can be a building block toward deep emotional connection.

Also, you can specific or broaden your horizons by setting distance, age, and interest preferences.

Sweatt is the Tinder for fitness fanatics, so just Swipes, if you both like each other, it’s a match.

Sweatt Dating APP Feature: Heavily Imaged-based

Driven more by photographs. Sweatt emphasizes on a really clean aesthetic: it puts precedence on full-screen photos and a more personalized experience. It is time to show off your abs, your hard-earned assets and you know your match will love it for certain!

An Instagram-like feed with these photos of people you’ve matched with is ready for you to explore. Also it can allow your upload photos from Facebook, Instagram, photo reel or camera.

A Waitlist to Join Sweatt

Yes, there is a waitlist to join Sweatt, as Sweatt says. But it is also a sign that Sweatt is getting more and more popular in fitness Community,considering the waitlist number from the app test on May 24,2016.

Sweatt APP Details

Languages: English

Free to get Sweatt APP from IOS Apple Store : iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but not Supports Apple Watch.

Charge: 100% Free Social Dating Apps