The Grade Review

The Grade dating app weeds out the creeps and lets you meet quality profiles with grade by using a unique proprietary algorithm.

Based on a user’s profile popularity, messaging behavior, and peer reviews, every user on Grade has a profile grade, messaging grade and peer review grade that ranks from A+ to F. The Grade dating app factors those three categories in to calculate a user’s overall grade. An “F” profile is expelled, while “C” and “D” will get tips on how to improve it.

Female-friendly dating app and weed out the creeps

Many online daters, women especially, are frustrated by receiving some inappropriate, hostile or sexually suggestive messages. Meeting creeps online is not a pleasant experience.

The Grade wants its users to be a show a bit more seriousness for his online dating partner by responding to their messages and creating a suitable profile. It wants to create a community of high-quality, desirable, responsive, and articulate singles, especially a safe space in the online dating world for female.

On the Grade app, you should accountability for your behavior. If you send inappropriate pictures, messages or illiterate imbeciles in The Grade, you will seem as hostile and offensive; your grade rating will ultimately be lowered and maybe even be kicked out of the app.

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The Grade Dating APP Review – How the Grade Works

Sign up

You only can sign up with Facebook. The Grade connects to your Facebook account to create a profile and suck up your profile pictures, interests and friend list. However, you can adjust your Facebook settings regarding how much information is shared. Once you sign up for this free app, your profile is submitted for review.

The Grade Grade

Overall grade are determined by profile grade, messaging grade and peer review grade. A grade is ranging from “A+” to “F”. And if you receive an “F” grade, you have one week to follow the tips that given to you to improve you grade or you will be expelled from the app entirely. That is how the Grade app creates a creeps-free community of high-quality singles.

Profile grade

Your profile grade is graded on profile popularity: the like-rate in comparison to others. So the profile grade gives you comparative feedback on your profile and you can keep testing new profile pictures until one works the best. Are your pictures appealing? There is no doubt that appealing photos get the A. Group photos, selfies and photos that are poorly lit or blurry typically perform badly.

Messaging grade

The Grade assesses your messaging grade by how often you respond to messages by comparing the response rate to the average. And your message quality is also important, like spelling, grammar and length. And also inappropriate content automatically pulls down your score, so keep it clean. Only you matches are able to message you, so the grade reflects only your real interactions.

Peer Review grade

Peer Review, an anonymous way to tell others what you think about your matches and friends on the app. After an interaction, the app will ask you weather your conversational partner is a “quality person” or not, you can only answer “Yes” or “No”.

If yes, you will also have the option to select up to 5 hashtags. The hashtags will appear on user’s profile. If no, you will need to provide further information. The Peer Review grade is calculated by the percentage of yes/no responses. And Peer review grades only post if a number of people have rated you.


Just like Tinder, you swipe right to like someone and left to skip someone. Once you like each other, it is a match and you can star to chat. Also, you can swipe up and down to see more photos and tap anywhere to show and hide profile details.

The Grade Dating Cost

The Grade Dating app is free to use. But if you want to chat with someone who is not your match yet, you need to buy Flirts. A Flirt enables you to send unlimited messages to a user without matching.

  1. 10 Flirts $4.99
  2. 75 Flirts $24.99
  3. 200 Flirts $49.99