Things Men and Women Lie About When Dating Online

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If you think that everyone tells the truth, I have some unfortunate news for you. The online dating world does on occasion include both men and women that might lie when it comes to dating online.

What I mean by that is that individuals may be providing false information on their profile in order to better attract someone. I’m taking the guessing work out of it for you and revealing the must knows just so you’re aware of what someone may or may not be telling the truth about.

lying online dating

Men & Women Are Liars When Dating (Proof)

The question is, what do they lie about exactly? Well, according to a study that took place a few years ago, women were more likely to lie more about their weight more than men. They were also more likely to lie about their body description.

I’m not saying that every woman should come clean about their weight within 5 lbs. I get that you want to keep your weight a secret. But the referencing of having an athletic build and being 190lbs at four feet tall doesn’t warrant it.

Another interesting fact I learned was that women, in fact, do touch up their photos. Then do so more than men and they’re also more likely to use older photos if they look better in them versus any current image. This pisses me and many other online daters off! Sure, I’ve suggested beefing up your profile, but that’s not what I’m referring to here.

I’m all for putting up a flattering photo and keeping it exciting but don’t make it completely fake that portrays you looking like Tom Brady’s wife. Don’t do it. Just don’t! If you’re honest I promise you’re going to get far more out of your dating experience.

tom brady's wife

Now, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t make any mention of some guy lying facts here right? Exactly! So, according to this study, men do lie on dating sites and they are more likely to lie about their income level, interests, and personal characteristics and/or attributes. Don’t try and look rich if you’re not. Don’t say you’re hung like Ron Jeremy if you’re not. Really, you’re wasting your time and making yourself look much attractive.

Lastly, that same study revealed that men were more likely to have short-term dating goals. yes, that means they want to just bang and do it a lot more than women. They also tend to lie more about their current relationship status. I’m not sure why really. It would be way better if you told the truth if you were in a relationship. Why? Because girls that are just looking to meet to hookup, they want to know that you don’t want to get into a relationship with them. If you’re already in one, then they are happy.

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