USA Sex Guide Review

What I’ve done here today is share what I know about a “pay to play” forum called USA Sex Guide. It’s one of its kind of many. No doubt about it! As you may know, there are so many sites out there that deliver when it comes to connecting with local people, chatting, and eventually meeting for sex.

However, not all sites are created equal. Some exist to scam the end users and that’s their main objective. One of those sites is the I know, it sounds super informative, like it would be a fantastic resource for finding sex. Truth be told, it’s the exact opposite!

USA Sex Guide

The USA Sex Guide Is The Worst!

I’m about to share all the reasons why this “streetwalker” forum is perhaps the worst of all out there. Whether you’re a daring bro that’s looking for adventure or just someone that doesn’t have a care in the world, I’m going to advise that you avoid this at all costs. Keep reading below and you’ll learn everything you need to know about the site.

Intro – Legal Troubles, STDs, & More

If you want to get yourself into a ton of legal trouble with maybe a venereal disease on the side, then by all means, use USA Sex Guide. In fact, make it your homepage because you’re really going to love how much it screws you over in the long run.

If, however, you simply want to check out a hookup site where men and women can get together and have fun, then look elsewhere (perhaps start with this one here). The only things that you find here are pain and misery. No amount of back peddling or pleading will be able to get you out of it.

USA Sex Guide

Women Just Want Money

For starters, no one on USA Sex Guide wants to have a good time. It’s filled with women who only want your money. Sure, they’ll have sex with you, but it’s going to cost you a lot. Simply put, all of the ads are placed by prostitutes, and we’re not talking about the classy call girls from the movies here.

These girls are typically just looking to score enough cash to cover their drug habits. They have the faces and bodies to go along with all of the damage that they put them through. This is reality, and in reality, there are consequences to your actions.

False or Fake Pics

No matter how good a picture might look, chances are that its years old and the woman looks nothing like it now. With the severe problem of drug addiction on USA Sex Guide, anyone that you meet up with is going to be anything but someone that you want to have sex with.

No one will be attractive, and they’ll more than likely be swimming with diseases that you can collect for yourself. If you’re really in the market for something incurable, then this may be the place for you. If not, then you’re going to want to stay far away.

Police Raids Everywhere

On top of the obvious problems that go along with hiring prostitutes, there are the police who love to place their own ads on the site to get the people buying them off of the street.

With every single message that you send, you’re taking the chance of talking to law enforcement rather than a girl.

Since you’re paying a subscription for your profile, you’re also leaving a digital paper trail for them to follow all the way to your brand new prison cell.

At least you’ll finally be getting all of that sex that you wanted. It will just happen to be coming from another man.

Conclusion: USA Sex Guide Is A Bust – Literally

In short, the USA Sex Guide is something to avoid like the plague. They’ve had a ton of legal trouble of their own and they’re well known to every state’s district attorney. If you make a profile then you’re putting a giant target on your back, and it will always end in you getting caught.

There’s simply no good reason to put yourself in that much danger, no matter how hard up you are. If you’re looking for something that works, then you need a real adult apps that you can use to find what you need.

Have you gotten scammed using the USASG site? If so, then please leave us a comment.