Whiplr Review

An adult dating app specially catering to the needs of the BDSM, fetish and kink community, Whiplr is holding a good ranking in the online dating world. Seems that many people are into unorthodox sexual kinks, and the app provides exactly this, a safe, private environment to explore your darker desires.

It is a dating and a hookup app all rolled into one, as the users can specify what they are after. Here I explain how the app works, along with an overview of its most important aspects.

Here’s what you need to know about this mobile app before joining.

Whiplr Usability: Simple interface and intuitive navigation

The app is free to download and install, and there is no need to pair it with another social network account. You will, however, need to enter a valid email address and fill out your profile. Once you set up the initial profile, then you will be asked to answer a series of more direct, intimate questions.

The app asks for your sexual preferences in high detail, like your kinky preferences, degree of sexual experimentation in percents, your level of knowledge about a particular activity and so on. This is done so the algorithms can find you the most appropriate match per your desires.

The navigation is simple, as is the user interface. The design reflects the nature of the app, with bold, contrasting colors, and a messenger service that gives its user control over the messages they send, with the option of deleting any unwanted message from the recipient’s phone. This fact, along with the anonymous sign in, offers an air of privacy and protection of the users.

Features: Something for everyone

Being aimed at the BDSM and fetish community, the Whiplr app has features that will satisfy even the pickiest of users. The features range from conventional to highly unexpected, but they work for everyone.

  • Free membership for novice users
  • Privacy and discretion features that each the user controls about their profile
  • Location-based feed that shows the other users from nearest to farthest from your current location
  • Events calendar within the app where you can see/schedule upcoming events in the BDSM community
  • Sparks animated messages that make the conversations more interesting
  • Excellent messenger service with plenty of options like video chat and group chat
  • People that share similar interests can join in groups and share photos and discuss things
  • 230 different fetishes to select from
  • Whiplr Elite profiles of professionals that enjoy the alternative lifestyle and want to share knowledge
  • Plenty of good advice on how to use the app, general guidelines and safety tips
  • Educational content on the website explaining the basics of BDSM, fetish, and kink

Trend/Popularity: Peaked in 2015

From the data provided by Google Trends, the peak of the Whiplr app was right after its introduction in February 2015, which coincides with the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. I can venture a guess and say that most people were inspired by the movie and wanted to try the BDSM lifestyle for themselves.

In the last year, the app is on a rise and decline trend, depending on the time of the year. The states where the app has been most popular in the past 12 months are Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Member Quality: Generally good user base

The member base is not so bad, considering the nature of the app, with most of the users tending to be on the younger side. There is a good verification process in place, along with a validation process. The validation is done between the members of the community, and any user can validate another user, proving that they know them and confirming that the profile is real. Any user can see who validated them.

From the information available on the Apple Store, the Whiplr app has over 2 million active members, with more joining every day. This is all statistics, as many users of the app have noted that they received messages from bots and fake profiles. According to users of the app, the quality of the members has gone down and there are many fake profiles run by bots.

The app has a section called Whiplr Elites, which are influencers and people experienced in the BDSM world, with professional Dommes, models, erotic artists, and educators. These serve to promote the BDSM events sponsored by Whiplr, as well as educate people interested in this alternative lifestyle.

Support & Safety: Some bugs, but overall decent customer care

The app has a support team in place that deals with all the issues the users may have with the app and other members. They are very active and deal with reports from members promptly. The app provides a block option, and any user can block and report any inappropriate behavior, in which case the account gets immediately blocked. The banned account is taken into consideration and the issue is resolved in an effective manner: if the block was justified, the account can be deleted, and if the block was unjust, the account is restored.

The Whiplr site offers a lot of information on how to stay safe online. Their Guidelines page explains what the app allows you to do, and what won’t be tolerated, and it is in your best interest to respect this. They also offer the option to secure the app with a PIN so no one but you can open it.

Pricing: Several options with different features

The Whiplr app is free to download and install. Also, the basic use of the app is completely free, but if you opt for this option, then you will have to see ads in your feed and have limited number of messages you can send a day. To remove the ads and gain access to more features, you will need to get a paid membership.

The features that you get to use depend on the fee you are ready to pay. The least expensive option is the Dekadom membership – $9.99 a month for a Lifetime subscription; giving you access to an unlimited number of messages. There are other more expensive membership options with more features, but it will cost you way more, the Standard package is $19.99 a month, the Popular package is $49.99 for six months, and the Worthwhile package is $99.99 a year. (Prices listed on the App Store Whiplr page).

Ratings: Overall Good, but nothing special

The Whiplr app has stated that they have over 2 million active members, but I could not find any proof of this. The App Store has it currently rated at 3.7 out of 5-star rating, with 290 ratings and comments. Many of the comments are positive, but there are a lot from users that have had unfortunate experiences with the app.

Google Play does not carry the app, so to be used on an Android operating system; it can be downloaded directly from the official website or an APK apps site. This can cut a step or two during the installation process, but it eliminates the rating system and comments from actual users of the app.

Here are the main pros and cons of Whiplr, what features make it stand out and what features are ways below the competition.


  • Great BDSM, kink and fetish features
  • Free to use on iOS and Android phones
  • Safety and anonymity features for protection
  • Navigation is easy, messenger function has great options
  • Detailed profiles outlining many intimate preferences for better matching


  • Free use comes with advertisements
  • Some unresolved bugs can cause issues
  • Only use as a mobile platform

Conclusion: Check it out if kink is your thing

The app advertises itself as being a “Messenger with kinks,” and it also says that it is “the ultimate place to find, meet and hook up with playmates and kinksters near you.” Whiplr is by many considered the kinky version of Tinder, serving the BDSM and fetish community. It is a safe place to meet like-minded people.

The app is nicely designed, the profiles are detailed and the algorithms that do the matching are very good at their thing. Unfortunately, the mass hysteria effect that urged many people to experiment with BDSM has worn off, and not many people find themselves actually enjoying this kind of lifestyle in the long run. If you are into something different then you can certainly give Whiplr a try, but also be sure to check our reviews of the other online dating apps. Start on the homepage first.