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I know this is going to sound scary but someone needs to break the news to you. There are a ton of women who cheat on men on a daily basis. These women are in relationships and for one reason or another, they prefer to look elsewhere for sexual stimulation or intimacy. The number of women that have to admit to cheating has increased at an astronomical rate. Guess what, those that don’t admit to doing so, those numbers have jumped as well. I’m not here to play the Debbie downer at all. Honestly, I’m simply going to analyze why so many females are turning to discreet networks in order to have an affair. Seriously, I am not hating at all. In fact, I often enjoy pounding some of these naughty ladies. Here are some of the top ten reasons why they cheat on their husbands and boyfriends.

why do women cheat

Reasons Why Women Cheat On Men

Understanding why these women look elsewhere for sex can help you get closer to them and perhaps even have sex with quite a few of them. If you’re thinking of having an affair or dating a married woman, you’ll want to understand these reasons as well. It might help improve your dating life in the long term…

Scared To Split Up

Let’s face it, some women know that they benefit financially and from a materialistic perspective by being married. They often think that the gravy train will disappear if they call it quits.

If a guy isn’t emotionally or physically there for a woman, then she’s going to look elsewhere. However, she’s not letting go of those red bottom shoes or Louis Vuitton purses anytime soon.

Lonely As Ever

Lots of women cheat on men because they are lonely. It’s as simple as that really. People that feel lonely can often also feel unwanted or emotionally empty. That’s no way to live life and those with guts will do whatever it takes to fill that empty space. Some decide to fill more than that if you know what I mean!

Test Things Out

Some girls aren’t sure that they want to split up or call it quits. They take a chance and decide to test things out by cheating. Instead of being fully committed or even starting a new relationship entirely, they decide to have a no strings attached thing on the side to see how it makes them feel.

Want More Attention

Women need attention. They crave it and live for it. They dress up in hot outfits to get noticed, they say provocative things to get a rise out of people.

The reasons women act this way are endless but more often than not it’s because they want more attention. Assuming you’re in a relationship and you can’t give her the attention she craves, then you’re going to be dealing with an affair. It’s really just that simple.

No Sex

Some women cheat due to a lack of sexual needs being met. A woman is typically super sensual and if she once had the best sex of her life in a previous relationship and isn’t getting that now, then you bet your ass she’s looking elsewhere.

Some women have that eye of the tiger sex drive in them that just doesn’t quit. Those are the wives that I love dating online. The sex is fantastic when I get the chance to bang these affair having sweethearts!

Basic Neglect

It sounds silly but some women feel neglected when their significant others don’t spend enough time or energy on them.

She can lead to a feeling of a lack of appreciation and as a result, she will cheat on you. They’ll find it somewhere else if they can’t get it at home. Do not neglect a woman!

Fantasy Needs

Some women simply cheat on their lovers because they have fantasies that haven’t been fulfilled or played out. A lot of females have a fantasy of having passionate sex with a married man.

Some have fantasies that are so far out there that they don’t want to ask their partners to help fulfill them. However, the needs still must be met. That’s why they cheat, in order to do so.

Sex Is Terrible

If the guy they are with is just bad in bed, yet they love him, they will cheat. Unfortunately, bad sex leads to not being sexually satisfied and as a result, women have affairs.

It’s quite common for one partner within a relationship to have better skills in the bedroom than the other partner. If it’s that bad, they are off to hookup with someone new.

Bad Girls

Lots of good girls wish they were bad girls. Sometimes it gets to a point where women want to do something bad, I’m talking very bad things! More often than not, it means having sex with other guys behind their boyfriend or husband’s back. Every girl has a bad girl deep down inside. When it comes out, you better be ready for it!


Some women are just mean, and they want to get revenge on men. Maybe a guy did something horrible to them or treated them like absolute shit. This is enough of a reason for a girl to look elsewhere to some strange D. Sex with girls that are DTF and on a revenge escapade is incredible.

These are just a few of the main reasons why women tend to cheat, based on my personal experience that is!

Looking to have some fun with some of these women willing to cheat? Great, then you’ve got lots of options to choose from. Start here though

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