XXXPersonals Review

Here at Adult Dating Apps, we cover lots of networks which means we need to try a bunch of them. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I recently joined in order to determine if it was a legit site or not.

The homepage states clear as day that XXX Personals is not your grandma’s newspaper personals. I’d have to strongly agree with that statement, LOL. It’s built for those that want to meet new people to hookup. That’s it really.

There’s a video of a sexy girl on a bed in her underwear playing in the background. You’ll notice this right away before you sign up. The site makes its intentions well-known. Point blank, this is a site to use if you’re only trying to get lucky.

Read my review below and you’ll quickly learn if it actually gets the job done. I reveal whether it’s a top network and if not, not only do I not leave you hanging with no options, I give you my top recommendation. Just keep reading…

xxxpersonals review

XXXPersonals Platform Review & Summary

One of the main things that drew me to this site is the design and layout of it. It’s slick with a lot of beautiful pictures of hot women on every page to excite you and get you to keep going. It looked professional and I thought I had finally found a great hookup site.

What I got was just an okay hookup site. I ended up getting a date from it, so I can’t really say much bad about it except that I had to put some work in before I was able to get something going with a real live girl.

I had better luck on other sites, but I did hook up at XXXPersonals so it’s definitely worth a try. I’ll tell you a little bit about my experience on the site.

Signup Process

On the main page of the website, you click the blue or pink button indicating whether you are a guy or a girl. On the next page, you indicate whether you are looking for a girl or a guy. You then indicate your age then the country, state, and city where you live.

Once you enter a valid e-mail address, you are in. It’s a little annoying having all these things on separate pages, but I’m sure they do it to build anticipation.

They probably figure that if you invest the time to sign in to the site, you will be more likely to stay and look around. The professional layout and ease of use had me interested so I kept going.

DM’ing On XXX Personals

The professional look and ease of use carry over into the messaging interface. They make it very easy to send and respond to messages and always maintain a sleek look. I started getting messages from tons of hot girls almost as soon as I created my profile and uploaded a picture.

Some of them were prompting me to pay for a subscription so I realized many of them were fake messages generated by the site. There were some fake, but there were also a couple of real ones in there. One of them wasn’t that great looking but the other one sure was.

Phone Calls

The girl that wasn’t that great looking wanted my number, but I never gave it to her. I was too busy messaging the hot one that I connected with.

When I finally exchanged numbers with the hot one; she turned out even better than I expected. She kept saying that she liked my deep voice.

We played with each other over the phone. I could tell that she was ready to meet. She was touching herself while talking to me, always a good sign.

Meet Up

After some good conversations and flirting over the phone, I asked her if she wanted to meet up. It seemed like she was waiting for me to ask because she said yes right away.

We met at a public place. I had told her that I was a leg man and I was delighted to see that she had worn a skirt and her legs were gorgeous.

We hit it off right away and ended up going back to her place at the end of the night. We had a great time pretty much all night if you know what I mean.

Conclusion: A Good Hookup Site But Not My Favorite

XXXPersonals is a nice looking, professional site, but it’s not my all-time favorite based on my tastes. There are definitely some hot girls that are very real, but not as much to choose from as I would have liked.

I feel that I got lucky and got a really hot one. As long as I hooked up, you aren’t going to get a whole lot of complaining from me, but it definitely could have been better. The good news is, the company that owns this site also owns a number of really good apps that I constantly use and highly recommend in many of my reviews. I’ve provided a list of the sites below for you to check out.

fuckbook network

And One Of My All-Time Favorite…..