3rd Party Instagram Apps To See “Who’s Viewing You”

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Just like millions of people are using dating apps today, even more so are using Instagram today. It’s one of the most popular social apps of today. Instagram is the place where we all share our photos for many to see. But, there are wanted and unwanted visitors to your IG profile, and you may think that there is no way of knowing who sees what you’ve shared.

Trust me when I tell you this, there are plenty of ways to know more than you know today!

If you are using Instagram for the promotion of your brand, music or store, then it is very convenient to have a thorough insight into the exact audience that visits your Instagram feed. One may argue that you get a short overview of the type of audience that visits the profile, but did you know that there are ways of checking exactly who has seen the Instagram profile?

This comes in quite handy if you’re trying to use Instagram and a dating app in tandem. After all, it’s only the wise thing to do and those who are checking social media to get more intel and information about their potential date are doing the right thing.

What are the different Instagram-related Services offered today? Well, there are lots and I’ve done my best to cover what I can here for you today.

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Track Profile Visitors To Your Instagram Account – Here’s How

The services like Only Measured, NitroGram and Statigram allow the user to see a statistical analysis of the number of people that have visited the profile, who liked, who shared it, etc.  Being used by over a hundred million people, knowing who visits your Instagram profile is important. Since Instagram is not like Facebook in regards to privacy and sharing, it is more open and somewhat carefree in the aspect of displaying the posted content. Keep reading to find out how you can do exactly this and why I suggest doing so.

So the million dollar question is…

How can you really determine who’s seen your Instagram profile?

Let me cover some legal stuff first. Instagram has been linked to a scandal regarding the privacy of the users, with many complaining that their user privacy rights have been violated.

The people that don’t have a personal account are vulnerable, with almost anyone having the options of seeing their posts and reports.

This is completely legal, and anyone with a profile set on “public” can gain insights into the account and the main user of the account will not even be aware of it.

Why gain insight into your Instagram audience?

Well, it’s important to know who views the Instagram profile. A simple way to think about it is, the larger the audience is that sees your profile, the more your popularity rises within the app. Also, knowing the type of people that see your posts is important as it is just as important to adequately adjust your behavior and publish IG posts as well.

Another thing you can do is use the information pertaining to who “sees” your Instagram profile to gain more followers and even become an influencer.

Apart from using the Instagram user services and user statistics, there are outside services (3rd party services) that make it possible for the user to see who has seen their Instagram profile. There are several of these, like the one that allows you to check who visited your Instagram profile in recent history.

I’ve covered some of the 3rd party apps that I’m currently testing below…


Instaview app

The Instaview app allows its users to check who has seen their Instagram profile, as well as to use it to download Instagram stories anonymously. It is simple and easy to use, with clearly set explanations right within the app itself. You can use it with Android and iOS, and you can check the last 200 people that visited your profile on Instagram.


Instamutual app

An app designed to help you find your mutual friends with other Instagram users, InstaMutual also offers the possibility to see who will visit your Instagram profile in a 24-hour period. It is only available for iOS and is free to download, simple and easy to use.

Privacy Settings On IG

The purpose of sharing a photo or a story on Instagram is for those to be seen by a large group of people. But this is a two-sided blade. While the possibility of sharing your posts with the majority of users is good for gaining followers, likes, and popularity, it can also make your account the target of attacks and malware that can have detrimental consequences.

Concluding Thoughts

In order to keep your private information safe online, you should always take the appropriate safety precautions. Because Instagram is such a popular social network, it is smart to be aware of what you post and who gains access to your posts. Use one of the apps mentioned above to learn who sees your Instagram profile and learn should you need to take preventative measures.

Also, consider using the Snapchat-like update that allows your posts, photos, and videos to disappear within 24 hours. Read through the user support guides and consider if the provided options are appropriate for your needs.

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