I try not to overpraise any dating network, so per usual, I’ll try to remain strictly objective in this review about If you are into BDSM, this is the dating site that promises to connect you with others in your area who are into it as well. There are member cams featuring kinky bondage and cuckold experiences. It’s a haven for fetish sex and reminds of, definitely a place where members share their BDSM experiences with each other on the site. They meet in person, get kinky, and do things that you wouldn’t even imagine. I dug deep here, gave it a shot even. Here’s what I learned about this kinky dating lifestyle network. review Review and My Kinky Dating Adventure

I was skeptical when I went to ALT because they claimed to have over 2,000,000 local singles who are into bondage. First of all, I thought the number was too high. Second, I thought that a BDSM dating site was a bit of a fantasy and too good to be true.

Well, I am here to tell you that it’s not too good to be true. It wasn’t for me anyway. I had a better time than I could have expected on this site and I will not soon forget the time I spent there.

There are some hardcore girls on this site and some of them were even a little too much for me. All you have to do is find a girl who likes the same kind of hardcore things like you. I went searching for a BDSM experience and I’ll tell you a little bit about what I found.

Joining Alt

To register at, all you have to do is confirm the type of person you are looking to share a BDSM experience with. Your choices are men, women, couples (all types of couples) or transsexuals and even transgender. Simply enter your e-mail address and proceed with the rest of the signup steps.

The next step is to select your date of birth, country, and zip code. This is when you can finally choose your username and password. Once you complete that process, you are in! They give you a little taste of some member videos on the side before you’re even a verified member and it looks promising.

I was surprised to find that it got even better once I got inside. I didn’t see any of the red flags I usually see on sites like this at this point so I proceeded with the process.

I Connected With Members Quickly

I ended up messing around on the site the day that I got registered. I confirmed my subscription and filled out my profile completely. I didn’t want to leave any excuses as to why I might not have a successful run on this site. I logged into the site later that same evening.

This was the first time that I had received messages after logging into this dating site and they actually turned out to be real. I started messaging back and forth with two of the girls that wrote to me. If you’ve tried a lot of dating sites, then you know how rare it can be to get messages the same day you join. I was also able to find four other girls that I could message online. I found them after browsing the member’s area for a short while.

Much like most dating sites, you have to pay for a membership before you talk to the members. I didn’t mind paying though because the results were positive. I knew a site like was going to require that I pay to get laid. I’ve been at this game for a while now and I definitely got results at

Calling Members

Out of the girls I interacted with on the site, three of them ended up as scheduled phone calls. Even the ones that didn’t go any further ended up being fun because we exchanged videos and sexy messages. There is something freeing about the subject of bondage where I was able to open up about my fetishes and fantasies.

All three of the girls I talked with on the phone turned out to be awesome. I couldn’t believe it. Now my only challenge was to schedule a time to meet up with them at different places to avoid one date seeing me with the other.

BDSM Meet Ups

I could go on and on forever about the girls I met up with, but I’ll keep it brief for the sake of this review. I ended up hooking up with all three of these girls. I even met with one of them multiple times since our first encounter.

These girls were kinky and horny and not afraid to show it. Two of them were submissive while the other one was dominating. I personally liked being with the dominant girl. She made things very interesting.

Conclusion: Alt Is A Kinky Adventure

I can’t say for sure if this was a fluke, but wow did I get my money’s worth out of I have never had such a high rate of success in such a short amount of time and especially not on a niche dating site like this.

I don’t’ know if it’s the allure of BDSM or it’s the site and I don’t care. All I know is that this site lived up to its reputation. I think I will be sticking with this site for a while and see what else I can find in terms of kinky encounters. It will be my alternative to traditional dating for adults, as funny as that sounds!

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