I’ve joined a lot of dating sites and I know what works. If you want to hook up and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a paysite, I recommend trying Freehookups. I was blown away by the number of gorgeous women on this hookup site. The women were so hot that I thought it wasn’t legit. I stuck with it despite my reservations and I am very glad that I did. Getting laid with a free hook up site isn’t impossible. That especially goes with this site I’ve reviewed.

My FreeHookups Personal Overview

The girls I hooked up with on this site looked like they just stepped out of one of my particularly messy wet dreams. Sorry to be so graphic, but wow were these women hot. I had my doubts at first.

Usually, when a site claims to be absolutely free, you end up spending money and never really getting any results. This site lets you get pretty far for free. In fact, further than most sites and I’ll come out and say that you can without a doubt fuck for free using this website.

You can browse as much as you like with no obligation and get an idea of what the site has to offer as well as how many women are interested in talking to you. After you find the girls that you want to hook up with, you may have better luck if you purchase a membership, but it is very reasonable.

Some have reported that it is not legit when they realize that they eventually have to pay, but it’s one of the few sites that actually get real results, even if you have to pay the small fee to join. Trial memberships are as low as a couple of bucks.

I didn’t waste my time with a trial. I believe in taking serious action or none at all. That said, I bought a monthly membership.

I have had success on other similar sites, but what sets apart from the rest is the caliber of women that are members. Wow. They looked like models and one girl I met actually was a model. It might take some effort to narrow your search, but if you put in just a little time, you will get the results you seek.

I’m not the best-looking guy and I hooked with some girls that I thought were way out of my league. That’s actually one of the benefits of joining a casual hookup site, many members don’t care how hot you are. They just want to have sex.

On-Site Searching

There are many of the same search criteria here that I have seen on other hookup sites, but the design and interface make it more fun and easier to narrow down your search. You might want to narrow it down a little at a time to make sure you don’t miss any hot girls that you would like.

There are a lot of girls too, so you can feel free to use as many filters as you like. The way the site and search options are laid out, you can find your idea of a gorgeous girl without losing the fun.

I searched for a brunette that lived within 5 miles of my location that was busty with an athletic build. I sure as hell found what I was looking for!

Messaging Girls

I got quite a few messages in the first couple of days, but the more time went by, I would get fewer messages. There were less, but the messages I got were from hotter girls that met my search criteria needs.

Phone Calls With Potential Hookups

I didn’t know what to expect from my first phone conversation because it seemed too good to be true. The girl was just so stunning! Most of the first few phone calls consisted of me making sure she was real. She understood my skepticism and was frankly flattered by it.

We set up a time to meet within a few days. Given that women were answering the phones and were willing to meet, I knew that Freehookups was the real deal.

My First Date

My first sex date with a member went better than I could have ever imagined. I met her at a local coffee shop and she sat there looking just like her beautiful pictures. I sat down and we proceeded to have an even better conversation than we had over the phone.

I made her laugh a lot and she started getting really touchy-feely. She had shorts on so I touched her leg and it was on. She wanted to get out of there so we got a hotel room. The money I spent on the room was well worth it because I felt like I was having sex with my dream girl.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even need to get her drunk to get her to want to fuck me. It was a morning date that got me laid and I was thrilled because I had the evening to do it all again!

Other Girls

I have to admit that I didn’t have to force myself to check out other girls because that first one was so hot. I was pretty shocked to find a dozen of other hot girls that lived by me with two of them actually being hotter than the first girl I fucked.

Pros of Joining

The main draw of this site is definitely the quality of its users. I also love the look and how easy it is to browse and search. The site takes a no-bullshit approach which is great for guys like me that want results.


So it’s not fully free. So what. No top dating site worth joining is completely free. You have to pay but if you can’t spend even a couple of bucks a month to improve your sex life then I don’t know what to tell you.

Final Thoughts: A Free Hookup Site Worth Joining!

I felt like a stud after hooking up with the number of hot girls I did, but I accept that a lot of it has to do with this site and the hot women that are drawn to it. Especially the fact that women can join the site and upgrade for free.

That means that more women are going to be on this site versus others. Give it a try. Make an effort to find a sex partner and I guarantee that you’ll find one on this site.