HiSlut Review

As you know, this site is all about keeping the adult community safer when it comes to dating, simple as that. Since that’s of the utmost concern, then you’ll completely understand why I’ve covered this review today. You see, at times, I come across sites like Hislut.com and I just cannot keep my trap shut. For good reason too!

There’s an epidemic plaguing the internet. Sometimes you can see the danger from a distance, but oftentimes you can’t. There’s never a big red arrow that points to it and tells you to stay away. The danger I’m talking about, of course, is the scam site.

Why should you be concerned?

These apps and sites lie to people who are desperately looking for something and believe in false promises. When you’re looking for a hookup and you keep striking out, of course, you’re going to end up on a site that tells you everything you want to hear. No matter how unlikely it sounds, if they promise the world, you believe that you’re going to get it.

Guess what – that’s exactly the case with HiSlut. Now, if you are not looking to waste time reading reviews and you just want to get to meeting people? If so, my first suggestion would be to use the Snapsext app before all others.

Hislut reviews

My Review Of HiSlut.com

Now, here are all the reasons that I hate HiSlut.com and why you need to avoid it as if your life depends on doing so. Also, you should probably think about reading other HiSlut reviews that exist out there and not just this one. Chances are you’ll find the same thing that you’re reading here.

I’ll kick things off by stating that the site owners lure you in with flashy pages and pictures of women that you’ll never get to meet. If you take the time to become involved, then you’ll see the scam right away and you’ll kick yourself for not having seen it sooner. These are tactics that are employed by so many other faux dating sites out there that it almost becomes second nature.

When they manage to convince so many people each day that they’re worth their time, someone has to step in and set the record straight. Today, that someone is me and I take the responsibility seriously. I’ve gone through every pixel of this site, and I’ve identified all the marking you need to know about to call it what it is.

It’s a scam site, plain and simple and you never need to invest in. The second you do, you’re opening yourself up to all sorts of danger that can result in, among other things, having your pictures show up all across the internet.

Literally Ads Everywhere

You can find ads to Hislut all over the place. One specific thing that this place likes to do is upload videos to porn sites. There you are, just minding your own business. You’ve got the porn site open and you’ve got the crusty sock in hand, ready to do its duty.

That’s when you see her. She’s gorgeous. She’s got the right color hair, she’s got the perfect body and she’s got an ass that won’t quit. Best of all, she’s taking a pounding like nobody’s business. In fact, it’s in your favorite position, too! What were the chances of finding the hottest girl in the world giving it up in your favorite position after you just searched for those same exact tag words?

Here Comes The Scam

That’s when the scam sets in. That’s when you notice the logo on the screen. It’s not for a porn company. It’s not even telling you that the video is also available in SAP. It’s a logo for a dating site!

This horned up sex fiend of your dreams is an ambassador from Hislut, and she’s here to invite you to join and turn yourself into the lucky bastard filling her cavities. Why pull your pud when you can have her do it for you?

Landing Page Ropes You In

Breathlessly, you throw the sock away across the room. It hits the door with a stiff  “plop” as you open up a new tab, and get yourself to this miraculous site as fast as your fingers will carry you. You do a preliminary examination and everything looks good. Hot sluts? Check! Written in English? Check! They promise that you can hookup easily just by sending DMs, texts, even sexts.

Here Come The Q’s

You start making a free profile, but that’s where things start to get weird. Rather than just fill in your info, you have to answer some questions. “Okay, whatever, just power through!” your boner yells at you. You comply and get ready for the sex romp of a lifetime when you hit the final button.

But that’s when everything changes. Let me clarify. That’s when the site literally changes. You get redirected to a place called “Hislutdating” instead of the one you wanted to join. It’s close in name, but it’s clearly a different entity or they wouldn’t have bothered having two totally different websites. Things are starting to make less sense.

You Fell For It!

You’ve just fallen for the first scam. Hislut isn’t a real dating network. It’s a feeder site for the other one. Whether or not they’re owned by the same people is anyone’s guess. But, it’s likely that the owners of the first are being paid a fee anytime they trick someone into the second. That’s why they market it so intensely.  That’s what you fell for: a marketing ploy, that’s all.

No Real Daters

If you even bother continuing at this point and your dreams haven’t dashed, then you’re going to run into a lot more scams. First of all, there are no real users here, or at least not ones that will talk to you. The profiles are created by the site and they only exist to send free users messages.

You can’t respond to them unless you buy an upgrade. At that point, you’re going to see that it’s nonsense and they quickly forget about you. They’ve already gotten what they need. You’ve fed the machine and it’s off to find more fodder for its evil designs of porn domination.

No one you ever say hello to will ever get back to you. No one will ever meet up with you. You’ll spend your money and do nothing but look at fake profiles with pictures stolen from across the internet.

They Own You – Kinda

Speaking of which, remember earlier when I said you can show up all over the web? That’s because as soon as you upload an image, they own it. They’ll use it on their other sites to fill in those same fake profiles. It’s the circle of scam.

Sadly, you make your way across the room to find the sock again, only to find out that the dog got it and tore it apart. Damn. The next time you need loving, try a real site that I have reviewed – start over here.

I hate to admit it, but you’re probably better off using The USA Sex Guide versus using HiSlut Dating. Oh, and trust me, that site sucks big time.