How To Make Her Laugh To Keep Her Interested In You

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If you want to attract a girl that you meet online, then you need to make her laugh. I don’t care if you’re chatting on video with her, if you’re in person or if you are using a sexting app to chat, you need to make her laugh. Making her laugh will keep her interested in you enough to want to know more. That’s the objective here! Besides having confidence and charm, the best way to win a girl’s heart or vagina is to make her laugh.

Many guys who are, shall we say, less attractive than others, often have great success with women that would normally be out of their league. The only reason they do is because of their good sense of humor. Here are some ways to get her interested in you. It’s honestly not rocket science. In fact, it’s pretty easy especially if the girl is horny and is looking for a bang buddy in the first place.

Make Her Laugh

Make Her Laugh Using This Simple Tips

If you do a few basic things, you’re going to easily be able to make a girl laugh enough to want to meet up for sex. If you don’t believe me, then try it yourself. Trust me, I know what the heck I’m talking about. I’ve been doing this for years! Here are a few things you can do…

Watch the news.

Especially tabloid news. Getting the latest dish on a celebrity or finding something humorous to say about current events will be easier if you watch the news and stay informed. It doesn’t take that much time and you will have a variety of information to draw off of so your comedy doesn’t seem forced. It also helps to find out the types of things and celebrities she likes so you can make jokes specific to her tastes.

Stay alert.

When you are out with her, pay attention to your surroundings. There are always opportunities to have a funny commentary about the world around you. Just be sure that your attempts at humor don’t involve making fun of anyone. She might find that distasteful.

Avoid making her laugh at other people’s expense.

This continues the sentiment at the end of the last tip. Avoid being mean spirited and don’t bully someone or put your friend down to make her laugh. If she knows you and your friend and how you are together, that’s different, but don’t be mean to others in front of her until she knows you aren’t an asshole.

Keep a stock of funny stories based on life experiences.

Personal anecdotes of something you have experienced or seen are always a good go-to conversation piece and a great way to make her laugh and tell her some of the interesting things that have happened to you in your life.

A little teasing goes a long way.

A little light teasing will get her laughing at herself and also shows that you are paying attention to her. Take something that you learn about her and lightly poke fun at her for it.

Keep things light and let her tease you.

If you tease her, she will probably tease you back. This is what you want, so don’t take it to heart. A little playful tease fight will get her laughing.

Don’t be afraid to laugh at your own expense.

Never take yourself too seriously. Take things that you aren’t necessarily proud of about yourself and poke fun at them. This will show you have a good sense of humor. Not to mention, if you’re meeting this girl on an adult dating website then the only thing you should take seriously is banging in the bedroom.

Play dumb, just not dumb enough to ruin your chances.

It is often effective to act like you are dumb or don’t know something obvious. Make sure she knows that you aren’t actually that dumb and just being a goofball.

Flirt with her in a funny way.

Some casual flirting in public without being serious will make her laugh and turn her on at the same time. This could be a way to transition from laughing to arousal. In fact, I’ve used this method to get physical with girls and it’s proven to work quite well. Don’t discount the fun public flirting approach. It works pretty damn well!

These are all things that can help you make her laugh. All you need to do it take some action on it and try them out. Sure there are no guarantees in anything in life, but these are pretty sure things. Actually, I take that back, some of the hookup sites I use do have a sex “guarantee.” That’s a topic for another day though!

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