LetsBang.com Review

A common saying among us casual dating folks is, “let’s bang.” It’s perhaps the most commonly said phrase in dating. Well, guess what, there’s a site for that too! LetsBang.com is a casual sex site that claims to help you meet singles who are looking to bang. Just look at the name and the girl on the homepage. It’s no secret what people go there to do. Adults use this site for hooking up and that’s exactly why I dove in. How does it rank among all the other hookup sites? 

letsbang review

My LetsBang.com Review Details

You have probably seen many of the modern dating and hookup sites with the same layout as LetsBang.com. You go through a series of questions that are obvious on every dating site like if you are a man or a woman and if you are seeking a man, woman, or couple.

Meanwhile, a hot model flashes her boobs in a different position after each question. The real question is; does it get you real results? That’s all that matters to me. LetsBang does produce, but just not enough.

I did in fact hook up with a girl I met using the site but compared to the number of female members, amount of work, and money invested, I should hook up with more. I must say, I had MUCH better luck using my Fling app because it accomplishes the same but it’s more effective.

Features of LetsBang

The layout at LetsBang is nice and professional-looking, but I have seen many, many layouts just like this one. There is nothing that really makes it stand out from the rest.

Simple is good as long as you find a hot girl to hook up with. I did like that the profiles contained both pictures and videos. This makes for some decent adult entertainment even if you don’t have luck meeting someone to fuck right away.

I also enjoyed the video chat and a lot of hot content in the amateur video section. The live cam girls section is pretty badass too. When it came to using free dating apps or sites, this eventually worked. I was ultimately successful, but I end up going back to Fling because there is more opportunity.

Chances of Getting Laid

Your chances of getting laid are much better on this site versus many bogus hookup sites I have tried, but they are not the best. I should not have had to talk to so many women, many of them fake, before I got to one hookup. If I’m being completely honest; the adult content was better than the one hookup I got.

Network Safety

LetsBang is not the absolute safest and most secure hookup site I have seen, but they do give you chances to increase your sense of security by letting you control your security settings.

I did get some fake users sending me spam, but it was easy to spot. This is not a dangerous site by any means, but you should use caution.

Membership Fees (Cost)

You can browse profiles and create one of your own at LetsBang, but that’s about all you can do without paying for a membership. They may not get the best results but at least they are affordable.

The standard membership price is $24.95 a month. You can also save money by paying for 3 months at $49.95 which equals $16.65 per month. The best deal is when you pay for a full 12 months for $99.95 which equals only $8.33 a month.

Ease of Use

One of the best features that this site has going for it is the ease of use. It’s set up where you can click through it very fast or stop and customize your experience.

There is nothing too complicated here and they are pretty good at displaying the content in an easy to browse way. Also, you never miss a chat message because it pops up right in your face.

The Search

There is plenty of content to keep you occupied with the standard browsing features, but you can customize your experience with their advanced search.

This is where you can sort your search results in many ways like skin color, body type, miles from your house, and various interests.

They have similar search parameters to our best-ranked dating app, but the difference is that Fling gives you search results with a much higher percentage of real girls.

Conclusion: LetsBang Will Work, But Not Great

LetsBang is a decent hookup site, but certainly not the best. I eventually had some luck with hooking up, but my success was much faster and much more frequent using another site. I’d like to suggest that you read my Fling review right here before I would try anything.