I’ve recently come across a site called I must be honest, I was excited to try Matchmaker for a few reasons. For one, I love coming across online dating networks that promise the world and then some. Sometimes I avoid them just because and other times I try them out. Matchmaker is a huge dating site (bigger than and has been around for quite a few years. It’s geared toward singles 35 and over.

I like to be optimistic, so when I first took a look I thought wow, this probably has potential. I thought a site with a history like this would get some real results. Well, I got some results but none that went anywhere. Matter of fact, I found more hassle than actual people to interact with. Check out my full review below to find out more about Now, full disclosure, this site has since closed down. Which tells me it wasn’t worth joining to begin with.

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My Dating Site Analysis

If you’re looking for a simple and easy to use dating site then might be fun to navigate for a while. If you’re actually looking for real women in your area to have sex with, you might as well go to another site because your chances aren’t that good here.

Considering the size of the site, I should not have had so much trouble finding a variety of real women. You can sign up and start searching for free, but you have to pay for a membership to interact with anyone.

Site Features

Seems like there are some decent features, but it’s fairly simple with few frills. You can send instant messages, e-mails, or just indicate that you are interested in that person. One feature that is kind of cool is the heart indicators on the profiles. If you see half a heart that means that one of you has viewed the other.

If the heart is a full heart, it means that both of you have viewed each other. I also like the section that provides online dating advice. This goes beyond what many scam sites will provide, but in the end, it’s still not a good site. I don’t come to a dating site for advice. I come to get laid and this one did not even come close to doing that for me.

Chances of Hooking Up

The sheer size of the site provides more of a chance to meet and hookup versus many sites that are a clear top of the online scams list. There are some real girls on Matchmaker, so there is always a chance that you might get lucky. If I’m going to pay for a dating site, I want my chances to a little higher than that. If you find a girl here, you are one of the lucky ones and you’ll have to pay a pretty penny to do it.

Site Safety

One thing that I found decent about this site is some of the safety features and their safety advice section. What I did not like was that you don’t have the ability to block any other members. Sure, you can report members to customer support, but most dating sites I’ve seen gives you the ability to block users without going through the hassle of reporting them.

Cost to Join

As with most dating sites, you get to sign in, browse, and create a profile for free. However, you have to pay for a membership before you can interact with anyone. Matchmaker is a little higher than other dating sites but you can get it cheaper when you pay for multiple months.

The standard price is $34.95 a month. You can get 3 months for $69.96 which comes out to $23.32 a month. You can get 6 months for $99.99 which comes out to $16.66 a month. The best deal is buying a year for $139.95 which comes out to $11.66 a month.

Ease of Use

One thing that Match Maker has going for it is the ease of use. It’s actually very easy to sign up and start looking around. It’s also easy to navigate and easy to search, even when you use multiple search criteria. The ease of use doesn’t mean much when you must wade through so many bad profiles and fake messages.

The Search

One of the best things about is the search. You get many options to narrow down your search and it is simple to use. There’s just one problem. What good is having an advanced search and a simple search if nothing positive results?

Sure, it’s fun to look around and try to interact with hot girls, but you just end up getting a lot of fake messages and no response when you send messages of your own. They don’t provide matches based on your profile.

Conclusion: Matchmaker Isn’t Going To Result In A Hookup, Sorry

The bottom line is this, Matchmaker is better than a lot of scam sites, but that does not make it worth the money. You have a chance to find real women on the site and that is more than I can say for many others. That does not mean that you will find a match. In conclusion to all of this, feel free to try it. However, you will spend a lot of money with little results. Actually, now that I think of it, I suggest not joining.

If I want to meet someone strictly for a night of fun, then what’s the best approach to take? 

This couldn’t be easier really. Just use the proper resources to accomplish things. Incorporating a site that promises a guarantee means you have to join a site shown below. Do that and forget about Matchmaker. You won’t need it if you take the right action.