I’ve been using the Sexsearch website for literally years. It’s been around for longer than 14 years and it’s one of the largest adult dating apps and sites that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. The company behind this site is top-notch and they manage some of the best sites the exist on the Internet. Before you make a decision to join, I strongly encourage you to read my dating review and others on the site as well! review

Why I Love SexSearch (Personal Review)

There are literally tens of thousands of porn sites on the internet and still growing. But is one of my favorites. The first thing I look for in a website is the overall presentation. If the site looks great, it will entice me to explore it. And this one did. It is not every day that I sit down and write a review, but I just had to write one for this site.

The Details

I was in the market for a threesome with two lovely ladies, and I was not disappointed. For a porn lover like me variety is very important, and it is what I found here.

If you are like me and do not want to spend a lot of time trying to chase girls in bars and clubs and then playing games before having fun, then you cut right to the chase and search for girls who are not only hot but are also on the same page as you.


It was a joy to search for the ladies. As the name of the site, searching for anything sex-related is a breeze. When I started my search, I could instantly tell that this site had a lot of variety.

Many of the girls caught my eye but I only needed two. So I sat back and narrowed down my search to 4 local girls (I’m very choosy).


Once I had narrowed down to the 4 girls I felt a connection to, it was time to contact them. So I sent them messages and to my surprise, I got replies from three of them. And the replies were pretty fast.

The three girls were interesting and after chatting them a bit, I had to choose the two I thought were the best fit although I wished I had taken all three.  I then exchanged numbers with the two girls I chose.

Phone Conversations

I called the first girl and she sounded so sexy and flirty that I got an erection just by talking to her. On the phone, talking to her, I could picture all the things I wanted to do to her and more. I called the other girl and she sounded like the down to earth kind but with some sort of mystery and I love mysteries.

So we spoke on the phone for two more days and the girls really wanted to meet me. They said that I sounded like a lot of fun. But before we could meet, I wanted an assurance that the profile pictures they had were real and they confirmed that they indeed were. So we agreed on a date and a venue.

First Meetup

We decided to meet at a bar for some drinks. I was a bit nervous but I didn’t need to be. Since their profile pictures were genuine, I had no problem spotting them. And boy were they gorgeous!

I knew there and then that I was in on something and that a great time lay ahead. Despite not knowing each other, the girls hit it off like real close buddies and that made us all comfortable.

The girls were naughty and would make suggestive gestures towards me and made most of our conversation erotic. I did not want to waste any more time at the bar so we went back to my place and the girls made it worth my while.

I was lucky choosing two different girls because they complemented each other. One was petite while the other one was curvaceous. They were both looking for sex. One was great with her mouth and the other knew how to work her hips while on top. So I got the best of both.

Other Girls

Knowing that the site had variety and the fact that I got two amazing girls on my first attempt tempted me to try other girls. This time round one was awesome and the other one was disappointing. But I didn’t mind because of the experience I had with the other girls more than made up for it.


I have to say I was impressed by the variety. There are different kinds of girls. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to get it here.

The fact that many of these girls turn out to be what you anticipated and more is also a plus. The search tool is very efficient and you would rarely need to perform multiple searches to get what you want.


The first girls I found had their real pictures, so I didn’t bother to ask the next time I went back. I just assumed that they were all real, but I found one who had sort of photo-shopped her pictures and she ended up being a disappointment.

So it is better to ask and know whether those are her real pictures because if someone lies about their photos, they can lie about a whole lot of other things.

Conclusion: Sex Search Works

There is no single site on the internet that has a 100% satisfaction rate. And will not let you down. There is a good mix of girls and they are pretty naughty.

Subscribing is easy and finding your way around is not hard. I can’t guarantee that you will have the experience I did, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed either.

Who knows? You might have a better experience than mine! But if you’re looking for the true social sex dating experience we recommend SocialSex!